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Synonyms for overbid

a bid that is higher than preceding bids

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(bridge) a bid that is higher than your opponent's bid (especially when your partner has not bid at all and your bid exceeds the value of your hand)


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to bid for more tricks than one can expect to win

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bid more than the object is worth

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9) This finding is consistent with previous experimental literature on contests, which document that on average subjects overbid relative to the theoretical predictions in the range from 20% to 200% (Morgan, Orzen, and Sefton 2012; Sheremeta 2011).
Bids after the first overbid must exceed it by specific increments.
An overbid on this hand gave declarer the chance to show their card playing ability.
We had to make sure that the details were covered very thoroughly and to make sure that no one overbid us," Barden recalls.
I started bidding in Dutch guilders," as she tells it, "and I overbid and had to dash to the lobby and call my bank.
In a parallel step, the French group Elf Aquitaine had made a bid for Saga with an 8 % overbid in relation to Norsk Hydro's offer.
Previous studies suggest that due to irrationality, hubris, miscalculation, the "winner's curse," or managerial objectives other than stockholder wealth maximization, some bidding firms may often simply overbid for their respective targets (Boebel and Harris |5~, Giammarino and Heinkel |9~, Morck, Shleifer, and Vishny |18~, Roll |21~, Ruback |22~, Shleifer and Vishny |25~, and Varaiya and Ferris |27~).
Plan Is Subject To Overbid Process To Maximize Creditor Recoveries
The proposed transaction is subject to a Section 363 bankruptcy auction, where qualified bidders may seek to overbid the Axxom bid, and that auction is expected to take place on November 23, 2015 (see below for details).
We're starting now to see cases where buyers had overbid .
That sale is subject to overbid at auction in the event one or more qualified bids are received by the Bid Deadline.
He said: "GNER clearly overbid, but the Government had no idea it couldn't manage their payments.
This provides brand managers with the documentation they need to correctly manage search engine complaint procedures, overbid competition, and if necessary, to take legal action.
filed a motion for entry of an order authorizing and approving the 1) asset purchase agreement, including the overbid and auction procedures consisting of a break-up fee and expense reimbursement 2) Form and manner of notice of sale, bidding procedures, and auction; and 3) sale of receiverships estate's assets free and clear of liens, claims encumbrances and other interests with supporting memorandum of law in the SEC v.