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anxious or nervous to an excessive degree

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What if gas customers with Gas Shut-Off Valves installed become overanxious after the earthquake, by having to wait several days for gas to provide heat or hot water?
An overanxious Rodriguez, who said before the fight that he wouldn't chase a knockout, appeared to be doing exactly that in the first four rounds.
Sometimes when I do get an open long ball, I tend to get overanxious and shoot it too long.
Ian was overanxious in the beginning but that's normal.
We were overanxious, and give (Register) credit, he kept pumping them in there.
This is highly unsatisfactory but preferable to appeasing the overanxious with a show signing.
This is followed sequentially by separation anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety and overanxious disorder, OCD, and social phobia.
The Department of Health is anxious - overanxious its critics argue - to dampen these fears, pointing to evidence that says there is no causal link.
When his boisterous and sometimes overanxious counselor, Karen Hughes, fretted last December that reporters were writing that Vice President Cheney was acting as a kind of "prime minister," the president was unfazed.
I actually didn't feel (overmatched) up there, but I might have been a little overanxious and a little jumpy.
But now you've become overanxious and self-conscious, it's going to become even harder to do.
6% of the cohort, followed by generalized anxiety disorder (11%), overanxious disorder (4.
Have you had a difficult relationship in the past that leads you to be overanxious about your marriage?
What you can't do is get overanxious because that can cause you trouble then all of a sudden you find yourself putting that extra pressure on yourself which is not good.
All it does is make them overanxious and lead to more people queuing up to see the doctor.