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anxious or nervous to an excessive degree

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Is overanxious base runner at this time: leads are much too big.
Nurses can provide basic education about the baby's medical condition but do not have time to explain the details that overanxious parents might demand.
Comorbidity of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and overanxious disorder.
Like so many overanxious yuppie parents, I keep a small video camera in my (very young) children's bedroom.
Another pattern in which parental anxiety can affect a child's response reflects the genetics of parental disposition to being overanxious [15].
The parents or caretakers are generally overanxious regarding the condition.
Your reader's daughter will make friends in her own time and an overanxious mum who's trying to push her to do it isn't going to help.
YOU EASE an emotional chest, like the one suffered by overanxious fans while watching the games of the illfated Gilas Pilipinas basketball team, with a glass of cold water?
She sounds a little overanxious around the baby but this is her first time as a mum.
Penarth, perhaps overanxious after not turning around with a bigger advantage, wavered from their previously successful passing game and, in pressing forward to try and reclaim the lead, lost shape.
The decision puts paid to the endless whingeing of the overanxious English Heritage lobby, obsessed with any impact on the (distant) Pier Head World Heritage site, and whose only contribution has been a glut of get-up-and-gone.
We were overanxious in RBI spots, and then you squander things.
They made me think I was being paranoid and an overanxious mother but I knew she wasn't fine.
5 mg/d, in 12 adolescents with overanxious disorder--the DSM-III forerunner of GAD--found improvements in anxiety, depression, psychomotor excitation, and hyperactivity, but patients experienced sedation, activation, headache, and nausea.
Vogelsberg may have been a tad overanxious on the first opportunity of the day.