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The origins of the contractor getting the price wrong can often be traced to insufficient research, interpretation of relevant and available data, incomplete and/or ambiguous project documents, not fully understanding the risks, overambitious programming, over-optimistic cost estimates and slashing an estimator's price in an effort to win work.
Less than five years have passed since the adoption of Single European Sky II (SES2) and despite its overambitious targets, which have not yet been reached, the EC is trying to change again the legislative framework for aviation in Europe by setting even more unrealistic targets," the ATCEUC statement said.
However, the new legislation seems overambitious viewed city wide and needs more investigation here for tangible solutions.
Dubai: Former Sri Lankan military head Sarath Fonseka, whose newly formed Democratic Party also contested the elections, finishing third, warned the TNA against being overambitious while negotiating with the government.
But Saturday's crash has heightened fears the plans are overambitious for an airline that already has a poor reputation, suffered a string of accidents, and is banned from EU and American skies over safety fears.
That was overambitious campaigning, but the decision to geld him over the winter and start him off in a Listed race paid immediate dividends in the Listed race at Doncaster.
This is an overambitious goal but we must use it as a marker and head towards the target step by step, without allowing backtracking" he stated in an interview for Nova TV.
Being overambitious leads to disappointment, or even injury.
I firmly believe in the effectiveness of drones as a weapon of war, so dubbing me as someone who was against the use of pilotless spy plane attacks was nothing but an overambitious assumption," Munter said.
I spent many a happy hour retrieving the ball from hedges, bushes and back gardens after an overambitious throw had looped over some poor unsuspecting householders fence, thus compelling me to tramp about in the their flowers.
The Knicks certainly want to bring Lin back, but their hand might get forced by an overambitious team.
Although management's plans seem overambitious to us as well, we deem a 14% market share (in subscriber terms) achievable by 2017.
An overambitious long pass was intercepted, albeit from an outrageous offside position, with the Llandudno player racing away to score under the posts and hand the visitors the victory.
The overambitious open-world structure and bland realism have been replaced by tightly scripted levels set in a riotously bright but darkly comic graphic novel come to life.
Interesting slogan, considering the bad rep Dubai has for its overambitious debt laden status post 2009, thinks Kipp.