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poor acting by a ham actor

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One said: "It's a foolish story marred by a strange blend of overacting and bland, offhand performances.
FOR the past few months, documentary makers have been stating the obvious, soap stars have been developing unusual mannerisms and drama extras have been happily overacting, safe in the knowledge that only the most eagle-eyed viewer would notice.
A number of the Yemeni viewers also criticized Yemeni actorseIU overacting.
Washington's low-key performance is in stark contrast to Travolta, overacting wildly as the ex-con.
Richard Watson gives a gripping and insightful performance as Lear, avoiding melodrama and the danger of overacting to portray a man losing everything while sinking into mental oblivion.
Aside from a few brief instances of overacting, he was convincing and effective, and his singing was beyond wonderful.
The behaviour of soccer fans is of course a mirror image of the players they support - overpaid, overrated and usually overacting.
Herman Cornejo strained for dramatic effect, often overacting, and his partnering of an insecure Sarah Lane had many rough spots.
Fox, accusing the Parkinson's-afflicted actor of overacting in a TV commercial advocating stem-cell research.
However, while some gamers will love the melodramatic overacting and cartoony appearance, the somewhat childish look of the game will likely dissuade many causal, older gamers.
Inveterate hack Peter Hymams directs like he's blindfolded while a cast that includes Edward Burns, Catherine McCor-mack and a shamelessly overacting Ben Kingsley in a white fright wig flounder through the increasingly risible plot against a backdrop of appallingly awful cartoon looking CGI cars and buildings that are only outdone in their mind-boggling dreadfulness by the even worse CGI creatures.
Some may point to wooden actors whose ability to emote at all may be in question, while the ham-bone's overacting can equally be skewered.
The whole thing is bit far-fetched with overacting aplenty, while the entrance of the zombies left you looking for Michael Jackson with it more like a remake of his Thriller video
Gielgud and O'Toole at least manage to get themselves killed off--by suicide and assassination, respectively--within the first half-hour, but McDowell and Mirren brazen it out all the way through, with McDowell especially overacting, mugging, and simulating sex blithely.
Playing a transsexual could veer into overacting, but Dukakis underplays it, just as she did in the original Tales.