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a student who attains higher standards than the IQ indicated

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If at Moe's, move right past its Overachiever with 30 grams of carbs.
Submissions will be accepted until October 31 on the G2 Overachievers website via scanned or photographed copies, or by mail to G2 Overachiever Contest, 90 Rockwood Place, Rochester, N.
I was really involved in the anti-war movement, and I got really burned out" says Wilson, who has the relentless energy of a born overachiever.
The team leader is an O-5 or O-6 overachiever, driven to keep the program on track through its milestones and get the product to our boys in Iraq, so they can use it to finish off this fight once and for all and come home in time for the victory parade.
Sunshine Has Rain begins by laying the groundwork in describing Channa as an overachiever and someone who has it all, basically to the point of conceit.
Derrick was an umpteenth-generation Confederate overachiever whose dad had been a star athlete at the same school 30 years earlier.
Sunday, "Beautiful Things" follows a 30-year-old slacker, a 17-year-old overachiever, two borderline criminals and a radio DJ who is left all alone at the station.
Advertisements for discount brokers and online trading services appeal to the inner overachiever in all of us.
After the hour of fun at the hospital, it was off to down-and-out North County, where I listened to the overachiever talk about his scholarships, internships and dreams of becoming a physical therapist.
Yet another case of an inexperienced overachiever who wanted to play with the big boys and got burnt.
In this connection, in the rise of Martha Stewart's magazine, TV, and household-marketing empire (chronicled in the ghastly, unauthorized biography, Just Desserts) we see a refinement of the superwoman archetype: the feminist overachiever as anal-compulsive housewife.
During a transaction, Overachiever companies have a laser-like focus on total rewards liabilities and leadership, while organizations that fail to meet their goals spread their attention across a variety of due diligence topics," said Elizabeth Fealy, global leader of Hewitt's Corporate Transactions and Transformation Consulting practice.
Nell is an overachiever who will stop at nothing to succeed.
The America's Next Top Model host asserted that she is an overachiever and she is not apologetic about it.