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Synonyms for over-the-top

far more than usual or expected

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Carrier-packaged over-the-top video delivery is a reality today in most markets," says research director Michael Wolf of ABI Research.
The sufferings of Vonage, underscored by its patent-infringement case with Verizon, indicate the over-the-top VoIP market is increasingly at risk of becoming irrelevant.
When violence erupts at a dangerously over-the-top final party, Jake takes the fall for Didi.
is a hilarious comedy in the over-the-top tradition of National Lampoon comedies like Animal House and Van Wilder.
Another ratings sweeps month is under way - or, as it is known in the business, the period of over-the-top casting tricks, story lines and specials aimed at pumping up the audience averages for the whole mundane season.
They brim with malice or at least delicious glee in satirizing a tiny, insular world that's melodramatic and over-the-top.
His Cockney accents for some characters and over-the-top aristocratic tones for others provide a perfect match.
Midway is excited to be able to deliver the 'non-simulated,' over-the-top baseball option at retail this year, and we feel that this year's SlugFest will offer a quality, entertaining product at a competitive price point.
KNBC Channel 4), she goes frilly and them some in an over-the-top Scarlett O'Hara getup, while her sidekick, DJ Tony, is Rhett Butler.
Everyone loves an over-the-top woman who is belligerent, resilient, uninhibited, naughty, creative, and hilarious," says Doonan, the window dresser turned author who has charmed the fashion world with roughly the same traits.
We set out to create the most over-the-top, hilarious and fun mobile game available," said Robert Nashak, chief creative officer, Glu Mobile.
Switching from an over-the-top to a side-arm delivery has helped the Poly of Sun Valley senior emerge as one of the City Section's most dominant pitchers just a season after going 2-2.
the over-the-top, stereotypical, poodle-carrying 11-year-old Michael on the show is the most offensive thing I have seen on prime time television in many years ["Pre-Stonewall Pre-teen," April 1].
Kagan Research has announced the panelists for its exclusive audio briefing on Over-the-Top Video: Challenges and Opportunities, to be held on Thursday, March 30.
So this is no time to create any expensive new programs, hire more state workers or dole out another round of over-the-top pay raises.