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Synonyms for over-the-top

far more than usual or expected

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Over-the-top players, like Google, are very close to delivering such service packages; and other social media sites are closing the gap.
The best is saved for last, with the highlight coming in the closing credit sequence in an over-the-top series of gags.
Examining the implications that widespread adoption of mobile over-the-top IP communications will have for mobile operators, handset vendors and OTT providers.
Until now, the over-the-top players have led the mobile video, messaging and VoIP communications market, eroding service providers' revenues and undermining the relationship with their customers on basic communication services," said Maribel Lopez, principal analyst at Lopez Research LLC.
The acquisition adds key IPTV skills and experience to its existing over-the-top video capabilities, enabling it to provide end-to-end technology integration services to any vendor for any video platform.
The soft comedy is harder to do than the over-the-top comedy.
As an alternative to over-the-top clamps, many print systems employ board snuggers, which engage and hold the board from the side edges, instead of above and below.
It is only a game, after all, and cricket is not used to too much over-the-top exuberance, as in football, but go easy on 'Freddie' [Flintoff] despite his histrionics.
I think the over-the-top craziness will disappear because that annoys people.
From the moment Joan Collins walked into a courtroom in the opening moments of Dynasty's second season, she sent gay hearts fluttering with her over-the-top portrayal of Alexis Carrington, a 40-something bitch on wheels.
In this brilliant, wildly over-the-top novel, written in the lush formally eloquent language favored by the 19th-century gentry and peopled with a hilariously grotesque assemblage of hucksters, hooligans, madmen and hypocrites, Wright paints an unsparing portrait of the American psyche.
In an over-the-top City, a new 33-unit condominium building with spacious homes, dramatic garden space and value-driven prices is preparing to open sales in Manhattan's fashionable Chelsea.
It's not that the paintings shown, made during 2002-2004, are over-the-top or explicit.
Its over-the-top dramatics, acrobatic dancing, and martial displays leave little room for three-dimensional nuance.
Grab this over-the-top saga before you cement your relocation plans