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too old to be useful

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At men's 65-and-over, Framingham United is joined by another Massachusetts Over-The-Hill squad and teams from California, St.
There's a leather bar (Schwarz bar), a bear bar (the Bulldog), several lesbian bars (the Marlborough, the Candy Bar), a bar attracting over-the-hill drag queens and rough trade (Harlequin), multiple bath-houses, and innumerable cafes.
McKenna could have been talking about the plot of Men with Brooms, in which he was originally cast to play the role of Eddie Strombeck, a good-hearted but over-the-hill curler.
To me he didn't look bad for a 36-year-old, over-the-hill, weight-drained fighter.
And The Matrix: Revolutions is an over-the-hill pop star recycling someone else's material--the sort of music you'd hear on a Michelob commercial, circa 1987.
In a barren valley amid the desert hills outside Lima, foreign executives and Peru's wealthy line up at the Over-the-Hill gun club to blast semi-automatic pistols at cardboard silhouettes.
Watts, the former Oklahoma football star who evangelizes the catechism in Congress, was an over-the-hill refugee from the Canadian Football League.
The parallels between Wood and Burton are few but significant: both men deeply admired elder, over-the-hill horror actors--Lugosi and Vincent Price respectively--whose careers they briefly resuscitated near the end of their lives.
If the DH were abolished, that roster spot would in all likelihood go to some hungry kid in Triple A who makes $10,000 a year, and whose path to the majors is being blocked by an over-the-hill DH.
Turning sixty has turned into a proud moment for this generation unlike the black invitations and over-the-hill themed parties they had when they turned forty.
On Harry Moseley's mum carrying Olympic Torch These are the people who should have carried from day one, not over-the-hill 70-year-old pop stars.
Mezaache's high point was a win against an over-the-hill John Thaxton in 2009 but he has generally been softly matched.
Macnair says the author would have "changed their colours to green and white, then bankrupted them by r signing loads of crap, over-the-hill rejects from Rangers".
French director Sylvain Chomet's story about an over-the-hill magician is set in Paris, Edinburgh and the Western Isles, and paints Scotland in a light never seen before in cinema.
The gritty tale of over-the-hill, professional grappler Randy "The Ram" Robinson,awashed-up bruiser whose fading career until recently mirrored Rourke's own, should reinstate the rehabilitated bad boy as one of cinema's genuine acting greats.
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