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Synonyms for over-embellished

excessively elaborate or showily expressed

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We've decorated it, cleaned it but not over-embellished it.
The songs lend themselves well to the acoustic framework; lush melodies and hooky riffs caress the ear in a soft, subtle way, which is not over-embellished.
Rajadhyaksha also sees buyers moving away from over-embellished products and toward more simple, elegant and classic everyday living styles--a trend Dwell is banking on.
The language of the author is over-embellished and not much improved by the narrator.
a genteel Southern gentleman whose white suit nicely offsets his discolored teeth, Hanks speaks with honey tones and over-embellished sentence structures.
Contains sprightly, clear copy rather than grandiose statements over-embellished with empty phraseology.
In a badly fitting, over-embellished tunic dress and patent plastic belt, Mrs Obama looked more like a kindergarten teacher yesterday.