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heat-resistant dishware in which food can be cooked as well as served

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They usually permit faster heating of food and/or improved browning of food in contact with the ovenware surface.
along with their recommended values for ovenware and Flameware clay bodies.
Eco-friendly cookware company GreenPan debuted its ovenware to the U.
Talk to someone who makes cooking sauces and they'll tell you we're all dusting off the ovenware and eating more home-cooked meals as a family.
9) BPA is used in the synthesis of many plastics and is found in countless household items, but the ones of most concern are plastic bottles, plastic-lined food cans and microwave ovenware.
Paul, who has 13 restaurants across the North West, has worked in conjunction with Dunelm to design a range of innovative utensils, pans, chopping boards, baking trays and ovenware.
At first glance it's a no-frills product but its non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze which is important with ovenware.
It helps produce polycarbonate for infant feeding bottles, tableware, microwave ovenware, storage containers and milk bottles; and epoxy-phenolic resins for food can internal protective linings and metal lid coatings for glass jars and bottles.
Gene & Cathy Florence's Florences' Ovenware From The 1920s To The Present Identification & Value Guide (1574324497, $24.
Make-Ahead Solutions: Bake and serve casseroles, side dishes and desserts in GLAD OvenWare.
The product, named dualpack ovenware, has been developed to preserve and protect delicate foodstuffs, as well as to provide end-user and environmental benefits.
The tips of the Kalumburu spears were, at this period, invariably made of milky-white glass derived from cheap ovenware.
The gadgets I've mentioned in this column use an amazing array of technologies, from high-tech plastics in microwave ovenware, to lasers in levels, to battery technology in flashlights, to digital storage media in CompactFlash, and even exotic inks and dyes in printer cartridges.
It is for this same reason that Pyrex ovenware is resistant to sudden temperature changes; it is relatively pure silica glass with high strength and an extremely low thermal expansion coefficient.
NEW: Glad OvenWare now offers two sizes of bakeware that is oven-, microwave-, freezer- and dishwasher-safe.