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Synonyms for oophorectomy

surgical removal of one of both ovaries

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Safford, who has just entered the homoeopathic profession in this city," continuing a "brilliant" career that began in Chicago before her move to Boston: "Perhaps the successful management of a case of ovariotomy may have been considered a masculine prerogative; but it can never be again, since this little woman .
On the question of treatment, Hare observed that, by the second half of the nineteenth century, "surgical and pharmacological methods of preventing ma sturbation were certainly widespread," mentioning depressant drugs and chastity devices for both sexes; infibulation of the foreskin, castration and severing the dorsal nerve of the penis in males; and clitoridectomy and ovariotomy in females.
Its treatment was equally serious and at times barbaric, ranging from recommendations for healthful distraction and athletic exhaustion all the way to genital surgery, ovariotomy, and metal underwear.
The nearby French discovered an Egyptian shield: they showed it to the world's greatest doctor, inventor of the ovariotomy.
Ephraim McDowell, who practiced in Kentucky, performed the first ovariotomy on record in 1808.
Robert Battey, a young Georgia surgeon, for instance, lent his name to the so-called "normal ovariotomy.