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monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets

largest carnivore of Madagascar

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also had deep implants of endometriosis on the left pelvic sidewall, the posterior cul de sac, the right pelvic sidewall, and the right ovary, which was cohesively adherent to the ovarian fossa.
Transvaginal Hydrolaparoscopy Conventional Transvaginal Structure/Condition Visualized Laparoscopy Hydrolaparoscopy Adnexa (without accessory instrumentation) 23 77 Tuboovarian hiatus 38 62 Ovarian fossa 46 64 Infundibular endothelial lining 16 84 Pelvic endometriosis 66 34 (n = 10) Note: Results were graded on a scale of 1-100, with 100 indicating maximum visual clarity.
He finds endometriosis in adolescents mostly in the pouch of Douglas, on the uterosacral ligaments, and in the ovarian fossa.
Laparoscopy was done on 28th day of life when a congested and necrotic cyst of 5 cm with torsion of the pedicle was found at a higher level than the normal ovarian fossa with the ovarian fossa being empty.
A total of 64% of the lesions came from the cul-de-sac, the uterosacral ligaments, and the ovarian fossa.