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any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity

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2011) showed that immature gilts fed with ZEA at the level of 20 [micro]g/kg body weight lowered the proliferative ability of granulosa cells in the ovarian follicle walls.
Using statistical analysis we found that the variation in HDL-particle components within a woman was frequently greater than the variation between different women, suggesting that each ovarian follicle was a chemically and metabolically active 'mini-organ'" said Bloom, a member of UAlbany's Department of Environmental Health Sciences.
Washington, February 12 ( ANI ): New research from the University of Adelaide has found a new type of cell that plays a key role in the development of ovaries and ovarian follicles, which are responsible for the production of eggs in women.
In detail observation it was found that the hermaphroditic condition was not one of complete balance, with equal proportions of male and female follicle, but that in every case the ovarian follicle far outnumbered the male follicle.
Correlation of ultrasonic measurement of ovarian follicle size and serum estradiol levels in ovulatory patients following clomiphene citrate for in vitro fertilization.
Data collected from females included weight and width of the oviducal gland and the functional right ovary, maximum ovarian follicle diameter (MOFD), width of the largest uterus, and, if present, the TL, sex, and number of embryos.
He unraveled the mysteries of the human reproductive system, and his name remains irrevocably associated with the ovarian follicle.
Ovarian follicle development during vitellogenesis in the house cricket Acheta domesticus.
The ratio of pro-apoptotic factor bcl-2 associated X protein (BAX) and anti-apoptotic factor B cell lymphoma/leukemia2 (Bcl-2) serves as a good marker for ovarian follicle apoptosis (Rucker et al.
The topics include the use of robotics in reproductive surgery, the pharmacogenetics of ovarian stimulation in the 21st century, three-dimensional in vitro ovarian follicle culture, selecting the best sperm for in vitro fertilization, and analyzing embryo metabolism to identify the most viable embryo within a cohort.
Ovarian follicle growth rate was determined by serial ultrasound measurements of follicles in 3 habituated female kiwi.
The ovarian follicle analysis was limited to the 96 women who were in the pre-ovulatory window of the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle (determined by subtracting 14-18 days from self-report of usual cycle length and date of last menstrual period) at the time of ultrasound.
The widely used, long-acting contraceptive sold as Depo-Provera and given as a 150-mg injection every 12 weeks inhibits ovarian follicle proliferation.
Androgen and follicle-stimulating hormone interactions in primate ovarian follicle development.