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any small spherical group of cells containing a cavity

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Quality of oocytes derived from vitrified ovarian follicles cultured in two- and three-dimensional culture system in the presence and absence of kit ligand.
Effects of diethylstilbestrol on ovarian follicle development in neonatal mice.
As these agents mainly act against proliferating cancer cells, it is not surprising to observe their toxic effects on normal growing cells such as bone marrow, gastric mucosa and ovarian follicles.
The use of plasmafollicle-stimulating hormone to differentiate women withand without ovarian follicles.
Conclusion: Immobilization stress reduces the number of ovarian follicles.
To address this question, we examined the temporal and spatial distributions of PRIP (AQP-Bom3) and DRIP (AQP-Bom1) in the ovarian follicle of B.
1982) Maturation, morphology, and endocrine function of the ovarian follicle.
Ultrasonic examination of ovary has been shown to be an accurate and reliable method of quantitating ovarian follicle populations, if any (Rohilla et al.
In a study conducted in 2005 by Chanj and colleagues smaller diameter and size of the oocyte and ovarian follicle development in rats has been reported in diabetic rats [7].
For more than a decade, scientists have believed that ovarian follicle cells are derived from the epithelial cells on the surface of the ovary as it develops," said research leader Professor Ray Rodgers, from the University of Adelaide's Robinson Institute.
From an October 2010 conference in London, 18 articles consider such topics as stem cells in endometrium and their role in the pathogenesis of endometriosis, ovarian cryopreservation strategies and the find control of ovarian follicle development in vitro, strategies to improve embryo implantation to supraphysiological rates, intensive care treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, and long-term progestin-only contraception in humans versus animal models.