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subsidiary defensive structure lying outside the main fortified area

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15 metres north of the wall, and at the edge of the steep slope of the cliff is an outwork which doubles as a retaining wall.
Many an ex-typist would welcome the opportunity to type circulars or address envelopes if she was given the opportunity - so it can be seen that outwork need not be only of the manual kind AS, Birmingham 16 Mail, October 29, 1958
He has also been a support act for famous artists such as DJ Outwork, Fatman Scoop, Madjam and more.
I am constantly amazed by athletes and coaches who just outwork more talented individuals.
He could, and did, outwork anyone I've ever heard of.
Making sure we outwork the other side, essentially that's what happened [in match two].
One look at the XRAIL System he developed confirms that; plus, he's devoted to the industry, has a great team working for him--and he'll outwork most men on the planet.
So that when it comes to the 70-odd minutes you are going to outwork them and they are going to be shattered.
Put Madonna up against any 23-year-old, she'll outwork them, outdance them, outperform them.
Mine Behind is invaluable to my operation at home, as it takes something as good as Kingsgate Native to outwork him on the gallops.
Amey's consulting division also recently won a pounds 150 million contract with Plymouth City Council to carry outwork on the city's roads.
But just like the Hopkins fight, Calzaghe began to outwork his opponent on his way retaining his Ring Magazine light heavyweight title.
You might beat us, but you're not going to outwork us.
Our people simply outwork the competition," Powelson states.
Palace will come here to work hard and we have to outwork em, and put out chances away.