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If she desired to go, she might: the nuisance of her presence outweighs the gratification to be derived from tormenting her
One issue is presented in this appeal: whether the public interest that elections remain free from voter intimidation and coercion in this certification election is sufficient to outweigh the public interest in favor of openness of public records.
Medical and public health professionals say that the risk of the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in livestock outweighs the benefits, and veterinarian and agricultural professionals say the benefits outweigh the risks.
The Sabril REMS programme has been changed after the FDA determined that some of the programme's needs are no longer necessary to ensure that the benefits of Sabril outweigh the risks.
ISLAMABAD -- The health benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution, a study has suggested.
THE benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the negative impact on health from air pollution, researchers have said.
The conclusion is that the economic and social benefits from the operations of TUI Group in Cyprus outweigh the environmental and other costs.
But members of Solihull Council's planning committee decided that the extension was 'inappropriate' development of green belt land and there were no special circumstances to outweigh building on the land.
With this week's DVD release of Star Trek into Darkness, now is a good time to evaluate or reevaluate the oft-stated Star Trek claim, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" (or "the one").
The benefits of Yasmin and other drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives outweigh their risks, but more information about the agents" risk-benefit profile needs to be added to the labels, according the majority of a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel.
AN independent review of NHS breast screening is under way after researchers suggested the harms may outweigh the benefits.
The star is currently promoting her new perfume - and she said the positives of fame completely outweigh the negatives.
The outside panel voted 12-4 with one abstention that Crestor's benefits outweigh its risks in patients with normal cholesterol and no history of heart disease, setting the stage for a dramatic expansion of a drug that is already a blockbuster.
Summary: Experts say children should not be given the swine flu drug Tamiflu because its harms could outweigh any benefits.
If you're concerned about cardiovascular disease (CVD), it makes sense to think about taking aspirin, because it can provide such a great benefit in terms of prevention," says Rosanne Leipzig, MD, editor-in-chief of Focus on Healthy Aging and a member of the USPSTE "For most people under age 80, the benefits usually outweigh the risks, but you need to talk with your doctor about your individual risks.