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Synonyms for outwardness

concern with outward things or material objects as opposed to the mind and spirit

the quality or state of being outside or directed toward or relating to the outside or exterior

a concern with or responsiveness to outward things (especially material objects as opposed to ideal concepts)

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Ultimately the horizon "embraces outwardness and possibility" (194); it is the "space in which the inner and the outer may change and affect one another" (195).
Furthermore, modernity in the colony came with a sense of outwardness rather than inwardness.
He does not argue that inwardness is always morally good, but that it is morally important, and must balance outwardness.
Tolstoy simplifies, as ideologists always simplify: for neither inwardness nor outwardness is sufficient in itself.
Both of these perspectives, these kinds of outwardness, are human--the external word, the worldly life, the neighbor with flesh and blood.
Yes, they are, very much so, but at the same time similarly to Margery Kempe and other religious women, Dorothea should be seen in the context of late medieval affective piety which oscillates between outwardness of expression (or to quote Schlauch again "emotional outpourings") and inwardness of experience.
The word "utter" is etymologically cognate with "outer," so Levertov here connects uttering--which we identify with speaking--with "outering," outwardness, and design.
As an Olsonian figure of outwardness, as an intellectual whose greatest virtues include his periodic insistence on the antiprogrammatic, he'd insist on it, wouldn't he?