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a station in a remote or sparsely populated location


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Working on the USP of offering one-way fare for hiring taxis for outstation trips, whereas the trade norm used to be to charge the return fare, AHA Taxis achieved BREAK EVEN with scale and reach to geographies where likes of UBER and OLA is not operating.
The situation is calm but the outstation students are seemingly still on protest, Registrar, NIT Srinagar, Fayaz Ahmad Mir told PTI.
In January 2011, banks were given the freedom to fix collection charges for cheques valued above Rs 1 lakh cleared through speed-clearing and outstation cheque clearing mechanism.
The airline said that 13 UAE nationals already hold senior posts in outstations around the world.
Abdulmohsen, Ali and Amal will join 13 UAE nationals already holding senior posts in key outstations globally.
A DNP3 outstation can use to unambiguously determine it is communicating with a user who is authorized to access the services of the outstation.
This book reports an ambitious and complex project--the tracing of shifts and changes in the social imaginaries of Arrernte people through three successive periods of their history: from (i) hunter-gatherer times [imanke] to (ii) 'mission times' at Finke River and then (iii) on into the current era of welfare dependency, available alcohol and drugs, land rights and the outstation movement.
All outstation boys and girls will be provided boarding and lodging facilities," added the spokesman.
The building, which is part of what was described as a police outstation, used to house its previous inspectors but has been empty for five years.
The spokesperson said Air Malta opens and closes outstation offices "when and if the need arises.
The everyday duties of a newly-appointed outstation officer consisted primarily, he tells us, of inspecting shotguns, issuing cartridge permits, and writing and filing memos and other correspondence.
The King's Own Royal Border Regiment, part of the six-battalion King's Division, will keep Carlisle as an outstation with main HQs in Preston and York.
Newcastle is to remain as an outstation for regular troops in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers as well as the base for the new Territorial Army First Battalion of the regiment.
New appointments to the carrier's commercial outstation management team are Abbas Al Ali (Morocco), Hamza Sharif (Saudi Arabia), Magdi Labib (Kuwait), Manuel Staerkle (Philippines) and Jill Errington (Bangladesh).
Such speculation of a massive out-migration has been rife--and wrong--since the early 1970s, and was used for decades, and again now, as justification for meagre or no state investment in services for outstation residents--Australian citizens.