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Synonyms for outstandingly

to a remarkable degree or extent

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Both players performed outstandingly by qualifying Semi final and quarter final of the 7th jubilee Insurance National ranking Championship held in Karachi recently.
A spokesman said: "We need to find outstandingly gifted musicians who can create the persona of the quartet and embody the spirit of these iconic stars.
It is an outstandingly fun film, a story of two strangers who meet under different circumstances and fall in love," she added.
This participation, the third in a row, was conducted under one theme and one iconic service of Kempinski hotels in Jordan that guarantees every guest the right to meet, indulge and play in an outstandingly unique atmosphere.
Heligoland explores a vast sonic and lyrical terrain and while there is no track as outstandingly beautiful as past offerings Unfinished Sympathy or Protection, there is enough here to keep fans going for perhaps another seven years.
The result is an outstandingly well-detailed survey promising to be a key, foundation acquisition for any library strong in jazz music and musicians.
Grange Villa was represented by the captain Matty Green, Darryl Tottle and Colin Woodland who played outstandingly, winning all three games.
Production team leader Myrna Moore said: "The play showcased the talent and charisma of all our students who performed outstandingly well.
THIS year's series is pretty straightforward: Alesha Dixon, Kelly Brook and Gabby Logan are the three best, no argument, and GMTV presenter Kate Garraway is outstandingly the worst, with ex-rugby star Kenny Logan next.
We are doing outstandingly well," said UK heptathlon event coach Darrell Bunn after his charges Jessica Ennis and Kelly Sotherton led the way in rainy Sczcecin.
This beachhead is held by KFC, whose product has always done outstandingly in new Asian markets.
The four new mysteries comprising this outstandingly produced boxed set include: In Divine Proportion; In the Guise of Death; The Seed of Cunning; and The Word of God.
Designed with a fifth grade reading level, appropriate for children ages 7 to 14, and featuring both a glossary and an index, 'How Did That Get Here' is a highly recommended series for school and community libraries (as well as Home Schooling curriculum supplements) as being as inherently entertaining as they are outstandingly educational.
Watching The Tree Limbs is very highly recommended especially for Christian-fiction readers, as an outstandingly written and vividly detailed of a young girl finding a way out of the darkness when her only light is the hope of one day knowing anything of her parents.
A creative and clever story, as well as demonstrating an outstandingly skillful incorporation Loch Ness lore, The Loch is very strongly recommended to those with an interest in the a novel of the Loch Ness Monster.