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have a greater range than (another gun)

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Alternatively, it would be classified into "outeraction", if the sentence was relevant to socially interact, or to solve problems that outrange the course.
He seems in them to attain to heights of concentration and elimination of all that is not pure plastic idea, which still outrange our pictorial apprehension.
However, recent research by the Canadian Hydrographic Service indicates that the Fundy tides likely outrange those of Ungava Bay by just a few centimetres.
The Su-30MK's air-to-air missiles outrange all enemies' and the aircraft has unusually powerful radar, experts say.
Over the last 50 years, American strategy has made increasing use of effective technology; substituting machines for men, both to reduce casualties and to outrange our enemies.
The Apache Longbow adds a new twist to the conduct of SEAD: able to outrange most tactical air-defense systems, its earth-hugging profile also protects it from the longer-range radars designed to defend against high-flying fast movers.
The flab laid bare in 23 snappy chapters categorizing $448 billion in "Wealthfare" or "the money we hand out to corporations and wealthy individuals," is shocking enough to create one of the most critical groundswells of citizens outrange in the history of the United States.
Nonwoven products will certainly gain back certain fields of application and therefore outrange spunbonded webs thanks to the high production rates that can be attained.
These positions would be armed with artillery that would outrange or at least equal the range of any known naval weapon of the day.
The next generation modules under the Carbon Reducer Industries Thailand Contract agreement surpass and outrange by far the technical capabilities of our previous range.
Today, investing in a very "smart" long-range autonomous offensive missile that can outrange those of our adversary may permit us to build less-expensive, less-well-defended ships from which to launch them, thereby making sea combat more affordable.