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angered at something unjust or wrong

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Sources confirm that while protests were mulled over the first weekend, the fact that the Islamists had given it a pass, because the film had really really outraged the Rajputs as reported by The Dependent last week.
And now that force is at full strength in Britain 2016 as the massed ranks of the Outraged march through Facebook and Twitter.
The one thing we do know is we'll have 449 days to become politically outraged about something, and political outrage is not good for business.
has to YOU were outraged by tight Tory MP Liam Fox's expenses claims.
A WOMAN who took part in a sex act on Stockton high street in front of outraged passers-by has been fined in court.
Yet, for all the outrage, Bergmann is remarkably light on what to do about any of these issues beyond being outraged by them.
Anybody not outraged by that story should have their outrage glands checked by a medical professional or a Daily Mail columnist.
IT'S good to learn decent Poles are outraged at the vile acts committed by alcoholic drug addicts Michael Marchlewski and Toazs Kryczyk on a young woman in this country.
A GAME for the Apple iPhone in which users had to shake a baby to make it quiet was dropped after outraged complaints from US child welfare groups.
For his research, Ricks combed through more than 30,000 pages of documents and dozens of books, but most importantly he relied on the unexpurgated e-mails, letters, and notes from American military personnel, many of whom were outraged at the conduct of the war.
If I'm competing for a batting title against somebody who I've got good reason to suspect is on steroids, I'm going to be outraged.
With the airwaves abuzz with the moralizers tut-tutting about Foley's e-mails to House of Representative pages and with legal experts pondering whether his privacy rights have been invaded, the public is being instructed: Get outraged, this is a Big One.
Shame on you, that you can't acknowledge the fear stalking Israelis that may cause them to do the things you are so outraged by.
I left for a number of reasons: partly because I was bored stiff, partly because I was feeling outraged that the performance was an insulting fraud of no redeeming artistic value.