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Synonyms for output

Synonyms for output

the amount or quantity produced

Synonyms for output

production of a certain amount


signal that comes out of an electronic system

the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)

what is produced in a given time period

to create or manufacture a specific amount

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Features: Rotary concept; high output, space-saving design, vertical mold opening and closing; modular oven can be sized independent of rest of machine; pneumatic cam-operated stretch rods consume no air; quick mold change; optoelectronic preform QC; heat-setting and multi-layer capabilities.
Eventually in the late 1980s, output did begin to decline and by the mid 1990s it fell rapidly.
Finding the conditions under which such a model will generate the 1970s volatility in inflation and in other macroeconomic variables such as output and investment, the authors say, may indicate which of the policy explanations is most relevant.
This radiometer needed frequent zeroing to eliminate output voltage saturation caused by the non-stable dc compensation of the biasing source.
With NR prices expected to improve in 2001, assuming no severe adverse weather effects, global NR output is forecast to increase faster than consumption, pushing stocks up again in the latter part of 2001.
produce the greatest possible output from limited resources).
This model considers organizations to be open systems comprised of three major interactive components: inputs, throughputs, and outputs puts (Figure 1).
Output capacity range: 27 to 565 lb/min at 1:1 ratio
Further information on these revisions is available from the Board's Industrial Output Section (telephone 202-452-3197).
SR output also increased in UK, Sweden, Spain and Finland, but declined in France and Italy, and was unchanged for Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands.
PH series solid-state power relays provide back-to-back scr output for resistive heating applications with false turn-on immunity and positive turn-off at high dV/dt.
The CFA Franc continued to weaken early this year, giving added incentive for the African producing countries to expand output despite the decline in international rubber prices.