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a patient who does not reside in the hospital where he is being treated

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About 4,400 patients underwent TKA on an outpatient basis, generally sent home on the same day as surgery.
With a strong patient- and family-centred focus, the Outpatient Clinic will be a high-tech facility that enhances patient care, promotes efficiency and ensures safety.
Outpatient of OPPS hospital--For hospitals paid under the OPPS, beginning January 1, 2014 outpatient laboratory tests are generally packaged as ancillary services and do not receive separate payment.
Outpatient Diagnostic Center said it will continue to provide the Athens community and surrounding areas with the same services currently provided by Valley Imaging including MRI, CT, Mammography, Ultra Sound, Bone Density, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray, as well as biopsies and other diagnostic procedures.
Although outpatient visits increased across all plans, health plans that raised their outpatient co-pays experienced nearly 20 fewer outpatient visits per 100 enrollees compared with plans that kept prices steady.
Inpatient services revenues (including associated physician services and billings) account for nearly 35 percent of all revenues generated while outpatient services accounted for 65 percent of revenues.
For the analysis, conservative inpatient treatment was compared with outpatient paracentesis in patients with moderate to severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)--a syndrome that occurs in up to 5% of assisted reproductive technology cycles and has potentially severe complications such as thromboembolism and respiratory distress syndrome.
In July, the CMS had proposed to increase outpatient pay by 3% in 2009; that has been increased to 3.
The outpatient center and specialty clinic will allow Intermountain Medical Group to continue to recruit the type of specialists needed to meet the community's more diverse medical needs.
The existing complex was converted to outpatient care in 2003.
With 12% growth in 2006 and projected growth of 10% for 2007, outpatient costs are putting a squeeze on beneficiaries, who must make 25% copayments, Dr.
Using a database containing information on all patients receiving primary care at a university HIV clinic in the 12 months beginning March 2000, analysts examined five components of care: hospitalization (including inpatient medications, examinations and procedures), antimtroviral medications, other drugs, physician and clinic fees (for inpatient and outpatient care), and outpatient services performed at a site other than the clinic (such as home health care and laboratory studies).
We do show that outpatient commitment exerts an effect over and above enhanced services," said Dr.
The new paediatrics outpatient department has also been designed to give more light and space for staff to work in.
We conducted a study to characterize the molecular epidemiology of selected MRSA isolates from the Taiwan Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance (TSAR), a national surveillance program of inpatient and outpatient clinical isolates in Taiwan (11).