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In particular, steel demand in India will outpace the regional average as the country's GDP growth of around 7.
The EPA study also found that sea-level rise will probably outpace the ability of coastal marshes and swamps to migrate inland.
Levy said all regions of California will outpace the nation in job and population growth for the next 10 years.
TV station players can expect solid revenue growth rates, while radio stations are projected to outpace their English Language peers between 2006 and 2010.
Mobile telephony is expected to outpace growth in fixed-line connections as the market moves into 2007.
Mobile telephony is expected to outpace growth in fixed- line connections as the market moves into 2007 and 2008.
The Oxford o Seventy Second has continued to outpace its competition by offering the quality, stability and lifestyle that satisfies the demands of today's buyers.
As previous reports have indicated, demand for residential condominiums in Manhattan continues to outpace supply, and the supply of existing condominiums continues to be absorbed.
PowerScribe sales continue to outpace the industry with recent implementations at such prestigious institutions as Memorial-Hermann Healthcare System of Texas, Jefferson Health System of Pennsylvania, Vancouver Clinic of Vancouver, Canada and Mt.
Women outpace men as purchasers of supplemental products - most significantly as buyers of 69 percent of disability policies and 61 percent of critical illness policies.
Additionally, In-Stat expects that revenue from downloaded music will outpace revenue from physical media bought online by 2007.
When there's a pimple on your ear or nose, Its disappearance rests on several shades, When healing outpaces damage it fades, When damage outpaces healing it grows.
Company Experiences Growing Demand for Its Services; Outpaces Growth of the Managed Ethernet Services Market