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Synonyms for outmost

Synonyms for outmost

situated at the farthest possible point from a center


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Riyaz Kuttery, general manager, Jet Airways, Oman, said that human remains are treated as cargo and Jet Airways carries them with outmost care.
The operation of re-attaching four amputated fingers of an Asian patient and of one finger of 3-year-old girl were performed with the outmost work and extreme care.
Our biggest challenge was and still is finances, we don't necessarily create to our outmost potential, we create what we can afford to.
Russian ambassador also said since the very start of the crisis, his country "has actively called for a peaceful settlement to inclusive transparent dialogue between the sides to the internal Ukrainian conflict and it has done its outmost to insure that conversation be establish on fundamental political and constitutional issues.
For a pure bending problem, the axial strain at the outmost layer of the peeling arm is given by
He also emphasised that the committee is working "with the outmost regard for the constitution".
We are certainly disturbed to the outmost by this tragic event in which was lost the life of at least one person.
We did our outmost to save their lives, to give them food, support and now they want to destroy this company," he added, speaking of several hundred thousands of euros (dollars) in losses.
13], revealed that educational networks are of outmost importance in language skills acquisition and holds that the use of computers for language acquisitionalters students' outlook toward writing skill and spelling.
Kepler-186f is known to be the fifth and outmost planet orbiting around the dwarf star Kepler-186.
Though these four points seems to be of outmost importance, the most discussed issues at the moment have been Netanyahu's insistence on Palestinian recognition as a Jewish state.
It may be (or might have been) in our power to send such a force of ships to the West Indies as would frustrate their designs there, but at home I imagine, with our outmost exertions, we must remain inferior by sea and trust our defence from a descent to our land forces.
We repeatedly stressed the fact that thinking before acting is of outmost importance, i.
Realising its newest measure could be interpreted as racial discrimination, the carrier has issued the following statement, "In accordance with the goals of our company, which includes the outmost rationalisation of business, we have recently done a lot of work to cut all costs, of which the public has been informed of.
We are doing our outmost with a view of creating a new dynamic and of giving the negotiation process the necessary boost," he said, adding that in view of the fact that there was a change in tone both in his address and that of the Turkish President Abdullah Gul, "we are trying hard to cooperate, to find ways of opening new avenues of communication which will likely lead us to a successful conclusion.