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Synonyms for outmaneuver

to get the better of by cleverness or cunning

Synonyms for outmaneuver

defeat by more skillful maneuvering

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For technology managers with experience in the full range of the new product development domain, from competitive intelligence to sales channels, OutManeuver provides the content and context needed to substitute speed and agility for size and strength in product and services marketing.
By using her innate courage and her wits, Claire manages to outmaneuver a monstrous Rock Troll leader named Bodacious Deepthink.
Washington was confident that he could outmaneuver the British and their Hessian mercenaries using the skills of the Marblehead Mariners.
Faced with the seemingly incongruous requirements of greater mobility than the German tanks to find them and then outmaneuver them and at the same time powerful enough weapons to destroy the enemy tanks, the TDF made do with armed Jeeps, artillery, tanks, anti-tank mines and hand-placed explosives.
Proven Strategies in Competitive Intelligence assembles the best thinking and most successful techniques from market leaders on how firms can use CI to outmaneuver and outperform current, emerging, and potential competitors.
And the epitome of the successful grocer is the enterprising independent, joined at the hip to the community, with a passion for retailing and ideally for food, as well, in addition to the agility and business skills to outmaneuver much larger competitors.
side believes that economic sanctions are effective when showing them as a card, but implementing them actually comes along with much difficulties and the opponent may use them to outmaneuver,'' Koike said, noting that she agrees with the view.
Since being handed the reigns of Argentina's shaky economy in April 2002, the economist has used his skills as former diplomat to outmaneuver more than his fair share of heavy-weights, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Operating inside the enemy's OODA loop theoretically is what makes it possible to outmaneuver military foes.
The theme will be "Reality Retailing From Risk to Reward," and the focus will be on how to outmanage, outmotivate and outmaneuver the competition.
Effective risk management in the technology arena calls for implementing a process to deal with day-to-day changes in risk and frequent attempts by perpetrators to outmaneuver security.
Edward Tian, who was tapped by Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji two years ago to build a network to compete with China's largest phone operator, may end up leading part of the bureaucracy he was supposed to outmaneuver.
But be advised--because the giants have become more worldly, your strategies to outmaneuver them must match their stride.
There's very little that's silent about the silent auction each year at NEHA's Annual Educational Conference (AEC), especially during the final half hour: Pandemonium reigns as determined buyers noisily try to outbid, outmaneuver, and out-strategize their colleagues.
This would be enough to force the opponents to work overtime preparing for us; and since we also kept everything simple we believed that we could enter the season better prepared than the opponents and with the versatility to outmaneuver and confuse them.