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Synonyms for outlying

Synonyms for outlying

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relatively far from a center or middle

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And to this day in the outlying districts many have it that Chuck Connors, with his hand on his heart, leads reform; and that but for the noble municipal efforts of one Parkhurst, a district attorney, the notorious "Bishop" Potter gang would have destroyed law and order from the Bowery to the Harlem River.
There, too, were droves of sheep and bullocks coming in from the outlying pasture lands, and trains of tired immigrants, men and horses equally weary of their interminable journey.
The thieves are outlying for scalps and plunder," said the white man, whom we shall call Hawkeye, after the manner of his companions.
We rushed up the stairs to the top of this scaffolding, and stood there, above the vast outlying world, with hair flying and ruddy blankets waving and cracking in the fierce breeze.
The initiative, which comprises more than 40 culture- and lifestyle-themed activities scheduled over the four seasons, centers on Guishan Island off Yilan County in northeastern Taiwan; Green and Orchid islands off Taitung County in southeastern Taiwan; Xiaoliuqiu Island off Pingtung County in southern Taiwan; Jibei, Qimei and Xiyu islands of outlying Penghu County; Lieyu Island of outlying Kinmen County; and Matsu's Beigan and Dongju islands in outlying Lienchiang County.
Tenders are invited for snow plowing, removal and deicing services, as well as snow plowing only at thirty-six (36) outlying facilities.
Residents Living in Pulaski County vs Outlying Areas 1990 and 2017 1990 68% of Metro area residents lived in Pulaski County 32% lived in outlying areas.
After his third simulated engine failure at altitude while en route to an outlying field, LTJG Rice passed the controls to LT Lawson at 400 feet for a waveoff in accordance with SOP.
One thing for sure is you will see the Traffic Enforcement Officers patrolling in and around Huddersfield town centre, but sadly not in the outlying villages.
That district respresents north and west Eugene neighborhoods as well as outlying areas north and west of the city in unincorporated Lane County and outlying cities, including Junction City.
Now, years later, some relatives live near Ushaw Moor in County Durham, which has allowed me to get to know the area more fully and to be amazed at the length of journeys back then, as well as the travel times from some of the more outlying areas (all by special bus).
A third body was recovered Friday from a Ukrainian tugboat that collided with a China-registered freighter off an outlying island of Hong Kong on Saturday, while 15 crew members remain missing, the Hong Kong Fire Services Department said.
This is something we've been working on for some time because we know there are needy families in the outlying areas," said Belinda Crawford, the food pantry's executive director.
Making a landscape sacred; outlying churches and icon stands in Sphakia, southwestern Crete.
These features were probably created by the pull of another star that passed by within the last thousand years, or perhaps by a large, outlying planet.