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showing clearly the outline or profile or boundary


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The 1900s domestic servant working for an upper-class Anglo-Irish family in the Bay of Plenty outlined the value of business, regional and school histories, and biographical studies; the WWI English war bride newly arrived in the Dominion, described statistical, official and war-related publications and the value of an early 20th-century Cyclopedia for its insights into the social structure of country towns.
In January, a contractor met with three members of the citizens' panel and outlined his allegations about the A and B contracts, said Steve Soboroff, senior aide to the mayor and the chairman of the panel.
Stroom, the most experienced of the panelists, outlined his long and fulfilling foundry career.
In this section, the service delivery model developed and currently utilized in the Mild Brain Injury Program is described and correlated with the critical factors outlined previously in this article.
The SmartCheck system creates an image that looks like a chalk outline of the passenger with threats and contraband outlined, but does not reveal facial features.
Tenders are invited for base bid: the removal of all e-one grinder pumps in the wastewater collection system and installing new grinder pump systems (grinder pump, check valve, anti-siphon valve, fl oats, junction box, and all other accessories as outlined in the plans and specifications for installation and connection of the grinder pump system), mounting bracket assembly and accessories (mounting bracket, fl oat tree, pull chain, and all other accessories as outlined in the plans and specifications for installation of the mounting bracket assembly), and control panel (panel, alarm, and all other accessories as outlined in the plans and specifications for the installation of simplex and duplex control panels).
includes DeVry Institute, outlined in red; LAPD dispatch center outlined in blue; Coast Federal Bank outlined in yellow; and West Hills Corporate Village outlined in purple.
From the time of roof installation, the building owner should review the warranty and inspect the installed product against the elements outlined in the manufacturer's warranty.
Then information detailing how to prepare a patient for that procedure is outlined.
Major meter companies identified and consolidations and mergers outlined
CME Program Strategies and Goals - Analysts compared industry-leading strategies and outlined goals for CME departments.
The Key challenges facing the Argentine call centre industry are outlined and it gives U.
These data and software can help the FDA evaluate voluntary genomics data submissions ("VGDS") as outlined in FDA's March 2005 Pharmacogenomics Guidance Document, which encourages the voluntary submission of genomics data--primarily genotyping and gene expression analysis--to help inform the agency of the types of emerging technologies that are being used to identify relevant biomarkers.