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a person who lives away from his place of work

an extreme deviation from the mean

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Thus, scheme 3 can effectively resist the influence of a single outlier in a single satellite observation.
k] are indicative of large influence, but this can arise if the unit is an infeasible outlier or one that is feasible but relatively more efficient than other units.
We present here the results for the recalibration of uric acid measurements at visit 2 to demonstrate the IOR method for outlier identification and exclusion.
In terms of features, the Creative Outlier does offer a lot on paper.
With regard to the principal component analysis, employed as an investigation method for outlier detection, Steiner, Neto, Braulio and Alves (2008) report that components are sensitive to outliers since component estimation may be influenced.
Thus, the outlier detection methods in GLM sustain from masking or swamping effects.
Jordan took a step, announcing that his company, Outlier Society Productions, would adopt the rider for its projects.
A new algorithm is proposed here to especially do outlier detection for ore inspection data which obtain from chemical or physical testing equipment.
It works on the premise that many outliers are unaware they are an outlier, no one wants to be an outlier, and confidential, collegial education and peer mentoring within a medical specialty society can reduce unnecessary variations in care.
One of the basic data mining problem is Outlier Detection.
Our whole focus is to help entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses," says Ever Gonzalez, founder of Outlier, a St.
The researchers manipulated a variety of factors including magnitude of the outlier at both levels 1 and 2, and the proportion of data at each level that were outliers.
so the outlier data detection and analysis has important academic significance and wide application prospects.
I couldn't agree more, and have a feeling that the project would have been much less complete, much less interesting, much less insightful if Mel had become an outlier, cast aside and out of the study.
Many insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid, use outlier payments in their prospective payment system (PPS) to compensate providers when the actual costs far exceed the prospective payment rate (MedPAC 2008; OIG 2011; CMS 2014).