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(electricity) receptacle consisting of the metal box designed for connections to a wiring system

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Whereas previous generator set designs mounted the outlet box to the barrel of the alternator, the Series 1600 outlet box is mounted directly to the base of the genset.
Another change involved mounting the outlet box directly to the base of the gen-set, rather than on the barrel of the alternator where it has more commonly been positioned.
In comparison to purchasing a low-quality fence from an outlet box store, we save you the time and expenses on tools and provide you with the knowledge and expertise necessary for building an attractive, withstanding fence.
Designed to fit in any standard electrical outlet box, the 802.
The female receptacle attaches to the electrical outlet box and the male plug is pre-installed into the light fixture or ceiling fan.
Forexample, a conference room with one network connection can easily add more data connections for group computing by mounting a small inexpensive hub under the table and retrofitting the conference table with a field-installed outlet box.
We won't go into depth about how to mount the outlet box or connect the wiring.
mm fiber cable to each workstation, and used small form factor (SFF) connectors in combination with a fiber outlet box.
Hold the next outlet box in position and measure between the boxes.
UPS uses the outlet box style, wall-mountable EthIR Beams (EB2000) in conjunction with their EthIR LAN switches.
Adding a washing machine outlet box at the same time allows you to tuck the washing machine's water supply and drain hoses neatly out of sight when you cover the bare studs with drywall.