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Synonyms for outlast



Synonyms for outlast

to live, exist, or remain longer than

Synonyms for outlast

live longer than

References in classic literature ?
In its whole constitution it had not a straight floor, and hardly a straight line; but it had outlasted, and clearly would yet outlast, many a better-trimmed building, many a sprucer public- house.
Then, since I am introducing no new usage or practice, I may as well avail myself of the honour that chance offers me, for even though his inclination for me should not outlast the attainment of his wishes, I shall be, after all, his wife before God.
As often as he began to consider how to increase this inheritance, or to lay it by, so often his misgiving that there was some one with an unsatisfied claim upon his justice, returned; and that alone was a subject to outlast the longest walk.
Not as I mean you'd think me a burden--I know you wouldn't--but it 'ud be hard upon you; and when I look for'ard to that, I like to think as you'd have somebody else besides me-- somebody young and strong, as'll outlast your own life, and take care on you to the end.
I think at this rate, that he will hardly outlast the night.
I remember the drawn faces, the dejected figures of my two men, and I remember my youth and the feeling that will never come back any more--the feeling that I could last for ever, outlast the sea, the earth, and all men; the deceitful feeling that lures us on to joys, to perils, to love, to vain effort--to death; the triumphant conviction of strength, the heat of life in the handful of dust, the glow in the heart that with every year grows dim, grows cold, grows small, and expires--and expires, too soon--before life itself.
If that problem outlasts me for whatever reason-mamatay akoSinabi ko sa inyo sa official, do not abandon your country.
The animal experiments lasted only a few hours, but they suggest that the combination outlasts unattached tPA, Muzykantov says.