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strikingly out of the ordinary

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We should tell him that by setting a standard of such outlandishness and a reference point of such divisiveness, he's helping his Republican rivals, whose own recklessness doesn't draw the scrutiny that it otherwise would.
The online version can't last for hours, of course, and the show doesn't have a budget for laser eyes or dinosaurs, but the production team has been having a good time bringing some of the outlandishness of the game to the real world.
Its blandness, self-absorption and outlandishness will not even seduce audiences who are in love with the culture and fashion of the era.
by the outlandishness of their assertions," with one company claiming that if a user fails to register software, "a leather-winged demon of the night will tear itself, shrieking blood and fury, from the endless caverns of the nether world .
The aristocrats' responses to these entertainments operate through passive, agent-less constructions ("was said") or repeated stories that underscore their outlandishness and are speakable precisely because they denigrate American heritage while remaining unattributable.
In a very unexpected way--and this strikes me as one of the production's overriding strengths--the very outlandishness of Castorf's approach focuses attention on the original more intently than any traditional production in my experience that has tried to follow the letter of Wagner's stage directions or any non-traditional staging that has pursued a more-or-less clearly defined directorial point of view.
We might just forgive the script its outlandishness if a tongue was wedged firmly in cheek, but the film is deadly serious about its jiggery pokery.
He was just enough civilized to show off his outlandishness in the strangest possible manner.
Such an interpretation might not be so far from Tennyson's purpose, given the meter's outlandishness.
Those of the late Renaissance championing the revival of Classical architecture began using the derogatory "Gothic" to describe this architecture, which really had nothing to do with the Goths, whose name was only used to connote architectural outlandishness.
The measure of the '08 election's outlandishness is that no TV or film version of it, including either The West Wing or last year's Game Change about Sarah Palin's vice-presidential run, could match let alone surpass it.
We were aware of the constructed nature of the group, and we were aware of him as a player, at least in terms of his outlandishness.
Yes, it's mordant commentary on the frequent outlandishness of American culture.
Yet Boris's outlandishness is exactly what people outside of the right like about him.
Critiquing the implication of outlandishness associated with the media circus, I will suggest, Lumet sought not only to make his freaky protagonist appear normal, he sought to make him appear "natural.