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attempt to anticipate or predict

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On the other side, quick disclosure of good news assures that no other sources in news will outguess the news.
His Flem experienced humility only when "he knew now that he not only had not the education with which to cope with those who did have the education, whom he must outguess and out figure and despoil, but that he never would have that education now" (231).
In this book, the prolific William Poundstone presents strategies gleaned from numbers theory, statistics, probability and human behavior that his further research indicates can improve your chances of more accurately predicting situations such as whether a pitcher will throw consecutive fastballs, the frequency of a card player's bluff; how to outwit the stock market and outguess office football pools, and, of course, how to win at rock-paper-scissors.
You can implement all these things and try to outguess and hedge, but you really have no say about the end price.
ROBERT GIBBONS, GAME THEORY FOR APPLIED ECONOMISTS 30 (1992) ("In any game in which each player would like to outguess the other(s), there is no Nash equilibrium [with pure strategies] because the solution to such a game necessarily involves uncertainty about what the players will do.
If you have enough cash flow and are not trying to outguess the market, you must invest regularly," says Jaya Prakash.
Mazuy, 1966, "Can Mutual Funds Outguess the Market?
Rather than trying to outguess the market, the best time to buy - or sell - is when it suits you.
I could never outguess the writers when it came to each episode, you definitely have to watch it.
Neil Johnson, in his book Two's Company, Three Is Complexity (xi), says network level interactions can be seen in many domains from stock markets to traffic jams, where a number of objects compete for a limited resource or seemingly cooperate toward a task, each trying to outguess the other.
Parli worries that appraisers should not be led to believe that they have magical powers to outguess the market.
Our experience in the areas that would be covered by this bill," he said, "has been such as to indicate frequently on the part of state legislatures a desire in a sense to outguess the courts of the United States or even to outguess the Congress of the United States.
And if there's anything to be said about predicting exchange rates, it's that trying to outguess the foreign exchange markets is quite a foolish preoccupation.
Implementing his programs," McPhee wrote, "he attempts to inform, influence, entice, flatter, outguess, and sense the mood of congressmen, senators and various members of the Administration, including his own overlord, the Secretary of the Interior.