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someone who leaves one country to settle in another

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Ailing outgoers and healthy hermits, for example, seek social acceptance and are like healthy indulgers, in that they are purchasers of articles of clothing and beauty services (Moschis et al, 1997).
Nearly all of this population will come from the Healthy Indulgers and Ailing Outgoers market segments.
In Table 3, 100 percent of the under-55 age groups have been counted, but only 47% of the over-55, the Healthy Indulgers (18%) and the Ailing Outgoers (29%).
By examining product preferences across the four segments, marketers can determine whether the primary market for a given product or service presently is the healthy hermits, ailing outgoers, frail recluses, or healthy indulgers.
healthy indulgers, healthy hermits, ailing outgoers and frail recluses) founded on an idea that movement from one stage to another is age-irrelevant and can begin and end abruptly at various points in life (Moschis, Lee, and Mathur 1997).
The second and third groups are at an intermediate stage and they comprise the healthy hermits group and the ailing outgoers group.
Commentator John Strak reckons the outgoers scheme, now closed, has already ensured there will be no recovery in breeding sow numbers to above 600,000 head for a decade, guaranteeing procurement problems for buyers.
Brown announced on Tuesday that he is bringing forward spending already allocated for the producers under the Outgoers Scheme, an aid package put together last year in response to earlier problems including the 1998-99 price collapse and the swine fever epidemic.
ABN's findings are similar to reports from the pig sector: although the overall industry may be shrinking, the outgoers are mostly small operators while strong expansion is under way or planned by a significant number of large producers.
The Dublin authorities have tried to promote rationalisation, but processors cannot agree on compensating outgoers.
Meanwhile, producers are circulating proposals for an outgoers scheme' to fund a 10% reduction in EU breeding capacity and that way drive up prices.