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Synonyms for outflow

Synonyms for outflow

a sudden or rapid flowing outward

Synonyms for outflow

the discharge of a fluid from some container

the process of flowing out

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Summary: China's foreign exchange reserves have dropped for four straight quarters, leading to a fresh round of warnings about capital outflows.
Most of UAE's outflows are made in developed countries that already have a national investment law that encourage and protect businesses, and the other host countries also supplementing and enhancing their national regulatory framework with strong international investment agreement.
Net portfolio outflows from Africa and the Middle East were estimated at USD1.
Create another query, this time with Selling and Admin Outflows as the data source.
Co-author Diego Mardones of the Universidad de Chile, said that because of the location of this protostar at the edge of the molecular cloud, one outflow lobe interacts with the interior, or denser part, of the cloud on one side of the protostar, and the other lobe emerges on the other side.
A senior Central Bank official said earlier that capital outflow slowed in October compared with the first half of the year.
com/article/2012/08/31/us-spain-economy-idUSBRE87U0CV20120831) Reuters said the country is now considering requesting a rescue package to decrease financing costs, citing concerns with diminishing investor confidence as the primary cause of the increased capital outflow.
Direct investment recorded a net outflow of $470 million, almost the same as the previous month's net outflow, as outward foreign direct investment shrank relatively sharply, while inward foreign direct investment marked a small net outflow.
Concerns about the possible deceleration in growth of the Chinese economy and consequent policy- tightening were the factors behind the fund outflow from China.
net cash flow to all funds was negative in the third quarter with $218 billion in outflows, the first worldwide outflow recorded since the third quarter of 2002.
Meanwhile, property funds, some of which have had to impose redemption notices in recent weeks amid falling prices and investor nervousness, saw a net outflow of pounds 253 million.
The main contribution of this paper is to draw attention to the role of the elasticity of the outflow rate with respect to unemployment in determining the severity of recessions.
The easiest way to slow down a business's cash outflow is to negotiate with suppliers for more favorable terms.
The Jacobs Frontal Sinus Cannula from Hood Laboratories provides temporary postoperative stenting of the frontal sinus outflow tract.
The outflow of portfolio funds from Malaysia has eased on the second day of the lifting of capital controls, with just 78 million U.