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Synonyms for outface

overcome or cause to waver or submit by (or as if by) staring

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President Kennedy in particular outfaced those of his advisers - like the long-lived General Curtis LeMay - who wanted immediate military action.
Each sore defeat of my defeated life Faced and outfaced me in that bitter hour; And turned to yearning palsy all my power, And all my peace to strife, Self stabbing self with keen lack-pity knife.
Nichola was outfaced by the massive portion of beef cannelloni (pounds 8.
But our real concern should focus on the fact that "advances in science have outfaced our social consciousness, how much more we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally and intellectually.
AS someone with strong ties to Cuba, I am delighted to see the anti-Castros outfaced at last.