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Synonyms for outface

overcome or cause to waver or submit by (or as if by) staring

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Mr Rees, who lives in Swansea, said: "What I find most inspiring about the battle is that it was won by 'ordinary' men who outwitted and outfaced the Zulus and who fought so heroically for one another.
President Kennedy in particular outfaced those of his advisers - like the long-lived General Curtis LeMay - who wanted immediate military action.
On that warm summer night, he outfaced an Arabian horse, clubbed an opposite-field homer to right field, and then hit the longest professional home run ever measured into the Sacramento skyline.
Nichola was outfaced by the massive portion of beef cannelloni (pounds 8.
But our real concern should focus on the fact that "advances in science have outfaced our social consciousness, how much more we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally and intellectually.