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being on the outside or further from a center


located outside

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being on or toward the outside of the body

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Consumption of primary, outer, and closure packaging is analyzed in detail.
Once you've got a system going it's very straightforward - flush the dirty liner down the toilet, put the prefold to soak in a nappy bucket and re-use the waterproof outer.
An overview of packaging trends in the US Male Toiletries sector is provided, including primary packaging material and type, packaging closures, and outer packaging.
Not only that, but they have gone a step further by offering customers the choice of 10 outers, 9 linings, over 10 thread colours and a range of pockets that can go on the outside of the case.
Toe and heel outers are reinforced with a special rubberized protection layer providing unsurpassed abrasion and scuff resistance, especially in prone positions.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Latest Trends and Key Issues in the Indian Retail Packaging Market - The outlook for primary packaging containers, closures and outers to 2017 http://www.
For orders that include 250 non-tobacco outers -an approximate spend of [pounds sterling]2,500 - P&H said it would sell tobacco at its best outer price, Band A.
Exclusive to Herma and on display for the first time in the UK will be the new 'APL' range of quality print and apply products specifically designed to provide high efficiency labelling of case outers and pallets.
Just don't try using Bore Blast in magnum chambers until Outers comes out with Adapter No.
Two sets of gloves are carried; specially treated cotton inners and thick rubber outers, which reach up to the elbow.
Enter Omark, The Good Ol' Boys, whose products span the range from RCBS reloading equipment, Speer bullets, CCI ammunition and primers, Outers targets, tras, cleaning equipment, and Lord knows what else.
Exposed blanks refer to those pieces used on the exterior surface of a vehicle, like hoods, fenders, door outers, etc.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Different Type Of Cover Outers Pc-293
The new brand will be available in outers of five in a bid to make it easy for retailers to find room in their displays and retain a lower stock holding, which JTI claimed would assist stores with cashflow and aid long-term profits.