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Synonyms for outermost

Synonyms for outermost

situated at the farthest possible point from a center


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However, they were such as I made very good shift with, and when I was out, if it happened to rain, the hair of my waistcoat and cap being outermost, I was kept very dry.
And all through the passage there he was, first at the braces, outermost on the yards, perpetually lending a hand everywhere, but always with a sober dignity in his manner, and a sober grin on his face, which plainly said, 'I do it as a gentleman.
The outermost band of dust, best seen in infrared light, is about 33 million kilometers in diameter, or at least 270 times as wide as the giant planet, researchers report in the June 11 Nature.
ISLAMABAD -- Saturns faint outermost ring is much bigger than thought, spanning an area of sky nearly 7,000 times larger than Saturn itself, astronomers have found.
In at least a region where the tube main body is in contact with the inner circumferential surface of the tire tread part, the rubber layer is placed as the outermost layer of the multilayer structure, and the thermoplastic resin layer is placed inside the outermost layer.
Stalls Sprint Course - Far Side (Full Width) Remainder - Inside Rails Home Bend will be on outermost configuration, adding 10 yards to Round Course distances.
Contract notice: Evaluation of measures for agriculture carried out for the outermost regions (POSEI) and the smaller Aegean islands.
CBI said when Bharti reached Talwars' residence at 6 am, the outermost door was locked from the inside of the house.
a pair of extensible back ear panels extending laterally outward from the chassis in the back region, each of the front and back ear panels having an outermost edge line.
In astronomy what is the outermost region of a planet''s atmosphere called?
Both spacecraft are now in a region known as the "heliosheath", the outermost layer of the Solar System, where the solar wind, which can travel 16 miles per second, is being slowed down by the rising pressure of interstellar gas.
The two outermost left lanes will be closed for road works during the first phase of the project.
PPG Industries has obtained a patent for a coated substrate comprised of a substrate having an index of refraction; an undercoating comprised of a graded layer comprised of a mixture of at least two materials selected from titania and at least one of tin oxide, silica, and alumina deposited on at least a portion of the substrate, wherein the undercoating consists of inorganic materials; and an outermost functional coating having an index of refraction deposited on at least a portion of the undercoating, wherein the functional coating is a single layer, photocatalytic coating comprised of anatase crystalline titania, and wherein the undercoating is configured such that the coated substrate has a visible reflectance of no greater than 25% as measured from the coated side of the substrate.
Filaggrin is a protein in the outermost layers of the skin and is produced by the filaggrin gene.
Hot water will clear the oil away and then the outermost skin surface is open to water.