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Synonyms for outcrop

the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land

appear on the surface, come to the surface on the ground

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In some cases, the pegmatite outcrops are situated in distinct subcrop trends that infer continuity in excess of 200 meters.
Scientists are studying the rock outcrop at Frogsmouth Quarry in order to improve the understanding of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS).
Outcrop in the area occurs mostly as laterite duricrust or lateritised outcrops; a total of 278 sample analyses have now been received (including those announced in the ASX release of 6 May 2010).
The structures were recognizable from a distance from the outcrop because they were a darker gray than the surrounding matrix.
The sulfates occurred in an outcrop of light-colored rock.
This spectacular par three plays across an 80-foot deep gorge and dramatic waterfall to a green framed by natural stone outcrops.
American space expert Michael Malin said: "These outcrops show hundreds and hundreds of identically thick layers, which is almost impossible to have without water.
The massive sulphide zone outcrops for about 200 meter along strike, and disappears in both directions beneath overburden and snowfields.
The outcrops at their Cristal occurrence are stripped of vegetation by exploration crews, and coated with xenoliths, rock fragments encased in volcanic breccias pushed upward from deep inside the mantle.
collected numerous remains from a 1-centimeter-thick layer of ash that appears in outcrops and sediments of the area.
Over the past 5 years, surface and underground rock sampling and mapping, a partial extraction soil geochemical survey and detailed Three Dimensional Induced Polarization (3D IP) geophysics with ground magnetics have led to the definition of several outstanding exploration drill targets on the property, some of which are defined by outcrops of gold and silver mineralization.
report that their studies of outcrops, boreholes and seismic profiles of the U.
The eastern-most vein system, the Adelina Vein, is exposed over a distance of about 2 km, whereas the western-most vein system, the Huizopa-Escondida Vein, outcrops over a distance of about 5 km.
Additionally, bedrock is only partly covered by a thin veneer of glacial sediments and extensive outcrops allow for easy prospecting.
This sampling program also identified a number of gossan outcrops several kilometres further from the locations above, in a geological context that may indicate the presence of volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) mineralization.