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the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land

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high Rosetta Outcropping wall to support the earth around a tall RV garage.
The outcropping features flat rocks that contain layers like those of a wedding cake.
For Pele Mountain, Wawa has everything necessary for a cheap, open-pit mine with the highway accessibility, diamonds outcropping near the surface and a community of miners and prospectors.
Residents opposed removing the outcropping, which sits across the highway from the mobile home park, whose residents purchased the land along with several other lots when it became a resident-owned park in 1987.
But a half-acre outcropping has triggered a development war over plans to carve into the hill and straighten out the historic highway, revered by motorists, history buffs and sightseers.
5 tonne sample collected from a volcanic outcropping on their Festival property which was processed at the site.
Samples from several of the outcropping bodies, which form a cluster of dykes and small diatremes in the central part of the property, returned only a few microdiamonds, and are not now part of the focus for PXC.
Apparently, on the second pass, he banked the helicopter to the left, and the retreating blade - the back end of the blade - struck the outcropping on the west side,'' Llorente said.
Hondo Valle has outcropping mineralization hosted in volcaniclastic rocks with silica-pyrite replacement which is oxidized on the ridges.
Within the targets, outcropping porphyritic rocks with quartz-sulphide or quartz-iron oxide stockwork veining and/or disseminated sulphide has been observed.
The survey was designed by Cardero and Anglo American to screen the outcropping, productive (copper-bearing), potassic alteration.
The extensive alteration, anomalous chert horizon, massive sulphide boulders and outcropping, high grade, massive sulphide mineralisation all provide ample reason to explore the area.
In the Fishtail Creek target zone, geophysical surveys indicate that the area contains several profiles similar to those generated at the outcropping JM Reef.
New sampling at Hondo Valle Zone has expanded the area of outcropping mineralization to approximately 330 by 250 meters.
The outcropping mineralised and silicified zone lies within a larger area of alteration which extends along the sides of a major valley for at least three kilometres.