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bred of parents not closely related

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It's not unusual for toxicologists to work with outbred mouse strains derived from unrelated pairings.
Hemp varieties are in most cases populations, obligately outbred and reproduced by open-field pollination, during which pollen produced by every male flower can freely impollinate every female flower; therefore, it is our opinion that Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in these conditions is reasonably respected.
1988; Schultz and Ganders 1996), whereas in others it is closer to the fitness of outbred plants (Ashman 1992; Eckhart 1992).
DO mice encompass much greater genetic diversity than the classical inbred strains and commercial outbred stocks.
Advances in statistical methods to map quantitative trait loci in outbred populations.
wg] cannot be zero as there will always be inbred and outbred individuals within each genotype.
Mapping quantitative trait loci for milk production and health of dairy cattle in a large outbred pedigree.
The present study revealed that both outbred CD-1 and inbred C57Bl6 strains respond quite similarly to [E.
Heterozygosity at protein loci in inbred and outbred lines of chickens.
At the coterie level, therefore, prairie dogs are relatively outbred, even though some inbreeding is evident.
Even for additive traits, Avery and Hill (1977) have shown that genetic correlations are expected to vary among inbred lineages derived from the same outbred base population.
2] cross between two outbred breeds (1 and 2) was described in detail in Kim et al.
Young adult (7-week-old) female outbred CD-1 mice were obtained from Charles River Breeding Laboratory [Crl:CD-1 (ICR) BR] in Raleigh, North Carolina, or Portage, Michigan.
We utilized six genetically distinct stocks of flies: one inbred line (JWC #24), a large outbred cage population (LF350 of Weber and Diggins 1990), two lines (LA and LB) selected for late reproduction (resulting in long-lived flies), and two corresponding lines (LD1 and LD2) selected for early reproduction.
84 Immature outbred CD-1 mice were administered 10 [micro]g/kg DES or 500 [micro]g/kg estradiol dissolved in corn oil by sc injection for 1 day or 3 days and sacrificed the morning following the last injection (2).