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bred of parents not closely related

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This remains a challenge, since ROH also occurs in outbred populations (termed ancestral ROH).
Because infectivity of HEV in nonhuman primates is [approximately equal to] 10,000-fold less when administered orally than when administered parenterally, commercially acquired, outbred, Sprague-Dawley (R.
Comparative growth and survival of inbred and outbred Penaeus (marsupenaeus) japonicus, reared under controlled environment conditions: indications of inbreeding depression.
Outbred mice are generally resistant to infection with L.
One half milliliter was inoculated per os into each of 35 six-week-old female, ICR[R], pathogen free, outbred mice (Harlan Laboratories, Inc.
Christians are being outbred by the majority Muslim populations in their countries and they are almost hopelessly divided.
For the purpose of this review, high-risk genes are defined as those that clearly cause a lifetime risk of breast cancer of >40% and as such are relatively rare with population frequencies in most outbred populations of below 1 in 200.
Genetic attributes of those populations were compared to a population in Yukon Flats in central Alaska that served as an outbred control.
A method for fine mapping quantitative trait loci in outbred animal stocks.
Spiders for this study were acquired from outbred populations of redback spiders (Latrodectus hasselti) and western black widow spiders (L.
melanogaster population used in this study is an outbred population.
The inbred beetles fared no worse than outbred insects, and the eggs produced by brother-sister pairs were likelier to hatch than the eggs of unrelated pairs.
Differential acquisition of lever pressing in inbred and outbred mice: Comparison of one-lever and two-lever procedures and correlation with differences in locomotor activity.
Our data demonstrate how, in an outbred human population exposed to malaria infection, the immune response will vary between individuals, thus making associations between antibody responses and immunity hard to identify.