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BMI believes that despite growing imports of dry-bulk commodities, supply will continue to outbalance demand in the dry-bulk sector for some time to come.
the amount of public inconvenience from the restriction of freedom of speech or writing [if an action for defamation was available] would far outbalance that arising from the infliction of private injury.
A pyrrhic victory occurs when the present costs of implementing a new information system outbalance future productivity gains.
The EU executive considered that the aid was necessary and proportionate to develop the project and that the positive effects would outbalance the potentially negative effects on competition which are, moreover, limited.
However, where a party lacks relative knowledge and experience, normative concerns may outbalance the literalism and private autonomy championed by formalism.
While a home agent strategy can slice a guesstimated 50 to 75 cents or so from that sum and off-shoring may chop that to say $4, with repeat and longer calls offsetting labor savings, they still do not effectively outbalance the savings from automatic tools.
The British policy of encouraging Nepali migrants to Darjeeling throughout the second half of the 19th century and in the subsequent period originated from the colonial design to outbalance the original ethnic domination of the Lepchas and Bhutias in the region.
On the other hand, somewhat paradoxically, the Court simultaneously overvalued the day-in-court ideal, by rejecting virtual representation even in cases of indivisible relief, where the harm from failing to employ the doctrine could well outbalance the harm from using it.
A liberty-limiting principle does not state a sufficient condition because in a given case its purportedly relevant reason might not weigh heavily enough on the scales to outbalance the standing presumption in favor of liberty.
Every marketing activity has pros and cons, but the pros of producing an online newsletter significantly outbalance the cons.
One would wonder whether the author shares the opinion of his character or, in an extremely subtle (too subtle, if this be the case) manner, he just wants to show how deeply sin, fear, and death can shake the foundations of one's faith, but how this tremendous burden cannot outbalance love, which is shown in the greatest light when one lays down his life for his friends, as Christ says in the Gospel of John.
Professor Rowe counsels "strong hesitancy" in finding federal interests sufficient to supplant state substantive rights and refers to Professor Redish's assertion that the only federal interest sufficient "to outbalance a truly significant competing state interest [is] that of avoiding significant cost or inconvenience to the federal courts that would accompany the application of a particular state procedural rule.
You know why the other swans elected her to be monarch, because she's the biggest, the best, and can outbalance any of them.
Norma and Brendan's actions and lack of action, which were relied on by both Selena and Randy, are so unfair that when combined with the state's interest in preserving Selena's status as a marital child, they outbalance the public's interest in a purely biological approach to parenthood," Roggensack wrote.
Despite these disadvantages, family firms have been so successful through time and space (Goody, 1996) that kinship must offer benefits that outbalance the costs.