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Synonyms for outback

the bush country of the interior of Australia

inaccessible and sparsely populated


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Subaru are something of a mystery themselves, with petrolhead prowess - such as like the WRX Sti saloon and BRZ - mixed with practical powerhouses like the XV, Forester and this Outback Estate.
Changes for this latest Outback include a restyled exterior, suspension development and substantial revisions to the 2.
I have driven many cars boasting fantastic safety features - but this week was a first for me when I got behind the wheel of the new Subaru Outback with its perfect EyeSight.
The Outback took over and, rather than rearending the vehicle in front, it brought my car to a complete stop.
Last September, 56 Outbacks from the 2015 model year were the subject of a safety recall: Bolts for an installed accessory trailer hitch may have been over-tightened, which could lead to a crash because the mounting studs could fail and the trailer could separate from the Outback.
The Subaru Outback, one of the best vehicles at gracefully blending car and sport utility characteristics, is revamped for 2015 with more interior room than ever, improved ride, handsome looks and more features.
WHILE Subaru fans are cracking open the champagne at the return of the WRX STI, another hardcore of Subaru owners will be gently toasting the arrival of the new Outback with a glass of sherry.
Lords and Dukes don't like complicated details (because for centuries butlers and nannies have done everything for them) so they'll like the new-for-2014 Outback range.
THE latest Subaru Legacy Outback is better, stronger and faster - much like Steve Austin but a little cheaper than the Six Million Dollars he cost to rebuild in the 1970s TV series.
MATT MUMFORD AND CHAD BARTIE love going to the Outback Steakhouse.
SUBARU'S sporting executiveclass Legacy and all-terrain Outback range enjoy a dramatic fuel economy boost for 2003 plus a cut in emissions which will drastically reduce company car drivers' tax bills.
SUBARU'S sporting executive-class Legacy and all-terrain Outback range will each receive a dramatic fuel economy boost for 2003 plus a cut in emissions which will drastically reduce tax bills for company car drivers.
The director of the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control has denied a private liquor permit for proposed Chili's Grill & Bar and Outback Steakhouse locations in Jonesboro, but the companies will likely appeal the decision.
announced today a partnership with Don Elliott, a former Outback Steakhouse Market Manager, creating a joint venture to further develop and evolve Kona Ranch Steakhouse.