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Synonyms for outage

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

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the amount of something (as whiskey or oil) lost in storage or transportation

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Hastings & Hastings encourages every household to have an emergency power outage kit prepared.
and is organized into three sections: an introduction to power outages and the impact of downtime, an overview of national power outage data, and power outage data by state.
Nasdaq OMX, the parent company of the Nasdaq Stock Market, said the outage lasted six minutes -- from 11:35 am EDT (1535 GMT) to 11:41 am.
The outage lasted from at least 3:45 PM CST until 4:14 PM CST, according to the blog.
Recommendation: To meet its obligations to periodically report on the potential effects of planned outages and fulfill its federal role in providing timely and accurate data to explain trends in energy markets, the Secretary of Energy should direct the Administrator of EIA to reevaluate its EIA-810 monthly refinery production survey and commercially available data, to determine whether those data sufficiently reflect changes over time in various blends of fuels refiners produce to allow EIA to adequately conduct future analyses of outage effects on prices of petroleum products.
Legally, negotiating the ability to run independently during an outage can be difficult, according OfficePower LLC CEO Joel Wilson--and for good reason.
In any power outage caused by threatening weather or power grid failure, area residents turn from annoyed to frustrated and finally to scared, while local business centers struggle to continue operations under an intense amount of confusion.
Companies located in the blackout zone that had planned ahead--housing their Internet hosting and critical data with a specially designed carrier hotel--were unfazed by the outage.
This dual-trigger approach provides greater efficiency than either a call option or simple outage coverage, since the probability of outage and excessive spot-market prices is factored into its price.
THE CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH Facilities (CAHF) has filed a petition with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requesting that the state's skilled nursing facilities be classified as "essential customers" exempt from rotating power outages or rolling blackouts.
Once the design of the system is well documented and understood, it is important to identify critical loads that will require emergency power in the event of a power outage.
The core configurable business logic within SmartData for Outage Management provides the operations teams with a new ability to effectively respond to customer outages and power quality situations.
Families who have special medical needs or elderly members should closely monitor weather forecasts and make plans for potential alternate arrangements should an extended outage occur.
Tenders are invited for Carry Out UNIT 1, 23Rd Refueling Outage Works On Contract Basis.
SIMI VALLEY - A power outage scheduled by Southern California Edison to do maintenance caught some customers by surprise Monday on the deadline for filing income taxes.