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happening in or being of another town or city

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The semifinals series between rivals San Miguel-TNT and Star-Ginebra are currently tied at two games apiece, with all four teams having a legitimate case to see action in that out-of-town tussle.
The out-of-town markets are on the cusp of experiencing a resurgence in popularity, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow," says Mat Oakley, head of commercial research at Savills.
It is hoped they will help reverse the trend towards out-of-town and online retailers, with high street retailers seeing a resurgence in footfall.
However, the polarisation of shopper activity was far more pronounced in Scotland, with footfall in out-of-town locations increasing by 12.
In contrast with the early part of the year, in August, shopping centres in Wales outperformed the UK for the second month in a row but the converse is true for out-of-town locations.
Out-of-town retail parks and shopping centres saw a rise in footfall over the weekend of 10.
Despite their arguably poorer information, out-of-town speculators can have a substantial impact on local housing values in boom cities.
Drew Sanderson, of Flower Mound Plastic Surgery in Texas, has experienced the growing trend of that has been nicknamed Out-of-Town surgery, firsthand.
An out-of-town location can mean longer opening hours and more opportunity for customers to book when it suits them.
The report, which also found that an average of 11 per cent of shops in town centres were boarded up in January, will add to fears of more closures in coming months as shoppers increasingly turn to out-of-town centres and the internet.
Sir, The latest CBRE report Grocery Outlets in the Pipeline is further evidence of the supermarkets' race to build more out-of-town developments.
He says it's basically as a result of the growth in out-of-town shopping centres and the pure greed of the giant superstores.
as charges soared and wardens dished out more tickets, families headed for out-of-town malls where parking is easier and free.
AS A STUDENT AT HUNTER College in 1976, Frank D'Agostino began patronizing the famous New York City Hotaling's newspaper shop on 42nd Street with its vast inventory of out-of-town and international newspapers.
TS8 is located on the outskirts of Middlesbrough and the surrounding countryside gives it an out-of-town and suburban feel, making this area very popular with families.