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not attending school and therefore free to work

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College students and out-of-school youth with minimum of second year college education aged 18 to 23 are encouraged to apply for a learn-and-work experience in the government that will allow them to earn as much as 75 percent of the prevailing minimum wage in the National Capital Region.
However, serious discrepancies were found about the survey when the Elementary Education Foundation, which is overseen by the education department, approached the out-of-school children for admission to private schools though the Bureau of Statistics.
If the public and private sectors in the country do not take concerted action to reduce the rates of out-of-school children, even the promising economy may soon face a significant talent shortage which could limit the speed of the future growth and development, the experts opine.
Moreover, the out-of-school children must be identified and mainstreamed through existing social welfare modules of the CADD.
He said that basic purpose of the enrolment campaign was to minimise the number of out-of-school children.
I will also urge for cooperation and full participation of the military, para-military and private schools, both registered and unregistered, almajiri centres, and integrated Koranic schools in this exercise so that we can explore and improve all school environments in order to begin to solve the problem of out-of-school children, ' he said.
Panfilo Dioquino, labor communications officer of DOLE-Central Pangasinan, said the program is open to all indigent students and out-of-school youths aged 15 to 30 years old who are willing to work and pursue their education.
They are overrepresented in all categories of discipline," including in-school and out-of-school suspensions, arrests, and expulsions, said John Heiderscheidt, U-46 director of school safety and culture.
Rainbows Out-of-School Club, which is in Focal Activity Centre on New Hey Road, was given the rating by the education watchdog.
The programme will engage out-of-school children and youth through non-formal education (through a bridging programme and through flexible education models) and will provide technical support to the secretariat of education and schools to ensure educational services for the out-of-school children and youth.
Tojo Yasuhiro congratulated the Ministry and AQAL project for achieving the landmark that paves way for out-of-school children to re-connect to education, build their lives and become productive members of society.
The NCHD has already started an enrolment campaign using its literacy centres and informal feeder schools, for Out-Of-School Children (OOSC).
This study is conducted to analyse the school enrolment status of the rural areas of taluka Hala, district Matiari, providing facts and figures about the condition of schools in the area, socio-economic conditions of the population living in the area, number of school going and Out-Of-School children in the area.
The Quest for Mastery: Positive Youth Development Through Out-of-School Programs
The conference was designed to advance the national conversation about reducing unnecessary out-of-school suspensions and expulsions and replacing these practices with positive alternatives that keep students in school and engaged in learning.