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Synonyms for out-of-date

Synonyms for out-of-date


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Duo provides IT administrators with visibility into all out-of-date devices used to access patient information in on-premises or cloud applications, such as Epic, Citrix, Outlook Web Access, and Office 365.
A council spokesman said: "He was unaware that there was mouldy and out-of-date food, and food at risk of cross contamination due to poor storage of raw and cooked meat in the chiller.
After she appealed to Tesco, bosses agreed to supply fruit and veg but not out-of-date eggs, yoghurt or other fresh items.
Out-of-date medicines can mean that the treatment is not safe or may lose some or all of their effectiveness.
The partnership developed through Chris Shepherd, chef and owner of Underbelly restaurant in Houston, who suggested that out-of-date beer go to the wagyu cattle, cows that are used to produce Kobe beef.
We must have been tired and accidentally missed some out-of-date food when checking the shelves.
When she hadn't received a new one in time, she was told by the council to use her out-of-date one until she received the new one.
Some look for reduced prices on out-of-date or almost out-of-date products, while others gag at the thought of even tasting milk or yogurt the day after the sell by date, even though sell-by dates leave room for a number of days the product should be wholesome after the date shown on the package.
If not, perhaps now is the time, as according to new research out-of-date make-up can cause eye infections.
RED-faced police chiefs promised to review procedures today - after three patrol cars parked outside a station had out-of-date tax discs.
A WELSH food chain which sold out-of-date food - including a garlic sausage five weeks past its use-by date - has been fined for breaching food safety standards.
A WELSH supermarket chain which sold out-of-date food, including a garlic sausage five weeks past its use-by date, has been fined pounds 18,000 for breaching food safety standard regulations for the second time.
If your TM is out-of-date, your maintenance is out-of-date.