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Synonyms for out-of-date

Synonyms for out-of-date


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The study, while providing hope to pets considered out-of-date who have been exposed to rabies, also reinforces the critical importance of that initial rabies vaccine.
He said Coventry City Council's trading standards officers have since visited the shop and taken out-of-date tins from sale.
That means that seeing out-of-date products in the store suggests that the store is failing on multiple counts, one of which is not giving out-of-date merchandise to food banks while it's still edible.
Review as valid have brought to the force's attention that three police vehicles were seen in Birkenhead displaying out-of-date tax discs.
Eight offences related to out-of-date food being sold at CK's Supermarket in Birchgrove, Swansea, during inspections by trading standards officers last June including a garlic sausage which was five weeks past its use-by date.
The previous "winter estimate" was even more out-of-date - being four months old when it was presented to the House and five months old when it was voted on.
They also accepted staff had been told by Davies to serve out-of-date food to children.
In the Letterkenny branch of Dunnes Stores in Co Donegal, we found a number of out-of-date products including Muller Little Stars jelly pots (15 days past use-by date), Denny sausages (three days past use-by date) as well as strawberries and carrots (two days past use-by date).
Astronomers have just rewritten planet history, making even the newest textbooks out-of-date.
Given that median tenure for CEOs in the S & P 500 has dropped to an all time low of five years, according to recruiters Spencer Stuart, there is perhaps no other image more out-of-date than the notion of the imperial CEO.
The most common reasons for security breaches were unauthorized mobile devices connected to networks, users disabling security settings on their laptops, and out-of-date patches and antivirus signatures.
Of those who flunked, 83 percent could achieve good visual acuity by getting lenses for the first time or by replacing an out-of-date prescription, says study coauthor Mary Frances Cotch, an epidemiologist at NIH in Bethesda.
By late afternoon, when the barbecue stopped smoking, the dishes were washed, and the steak, mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and pumpkin pie were already memories, I reached for my camera and discovered that the only film I had packed in my overnight case was out-of-date, black-and-white, and purchased from the ``last chance'' bin of a local Rite Aid store.
MILLIONS of Brits are refusing to bin out-of-date food, preferring instead to risk eating it.