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Synonyms for out-of-bounds

outside the foul lines

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barred to a designated group


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14th 547 yards, par 5 The out-of-bounds fence runs right alongside the right-hand flank of the fairway and there is a canal to be crossed at about the halfway mark.
During a replay review of an out-of-bounds call, to determine when the ball is out of bounds for purposes of adjusting the game clock and shot clock.
Another safety concern for legislators involves skiers and riders ignoring out-of-bounds markers.
If the ball goes over the out-of-bounds lines or touches a no-touch obstacle, you're out for that round.
Angela England, prosecuting, said there was a history of "suspicion" between them and the bedrooms were kept locked and were out-of-bounds to her younger son.
Set up a play area with the hose at the start line, and out-of-bounds lines on each side and parallel to the start line about 60 feet away (that's about 20 giant steps).
Does your team always use a particular type of defense in defensing Baseline Out-of-Bounds (B.
Kian, described by teachers as "lively and energetic", died after jumping down four steps in an out-of-bounds area while pretending to be Batman.
He was close to the out-of-bounds fence on the long sixth, scrambled a par at the ninth off a really poor approach into sand and then, for the second day running, had incredibly good fortune on the 466-yard 10th.
A stretched Luppens saved the volleyball from falling out-of-bounds but the ball fell out of the reach of teammates attempting to keep the play alive to avoid elimination and force a fifth game Thursday night.
THE out-of-bounds practice area which runs all the way down the right makes this a great finishing hole, especially as the prevailing wind will be blowing balls across the fairway from the left.
The game offers card values ranging from a hole-in-one to an out-of-bounds penalty while encompassing all the facets of golf, including teeing off, advancing down the fairway, avoiding hazards, and lining up a putt.
In football, a "wide receiver" renders himself ineligible when he crosses the longitudinal that marks the boundary between in-bounds and out-of-bounds.
The out-of-bounds line is defined by the inside edge of the white stakes at ground level.
This guy had to be screaming "failing naval aviator" way before this little out-of-bounds adventure happened.