out-of-body experience

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the dissociative experience of observing yourself from an external perspective as though your mind or soul had left and was observing your body

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The ritual healing theory argues that evolutionary trends selecting for suggestibility increased the percentage of people who experience frequent apparitions, extrasensory perceptions, psychokinesis, and out-of-body experiences and that these people became the first shamans.
I have out-of-body experiences nearly every night--I dream.
As far as she is aware she is still alive, so she ends up having this strange out-of-body experience.
It was like having an out-of-body experience, as though I was watching him at home on television.
Loss of a child may involve an out-of-body experience, in the sense that you think it's not really happening to me.
THE Mummy star Brendan Fraser had a weird, out-of-body experience when he nearly drowned as a child.
You can hear Callas in a 1935 broadcast of radio's Major Bowes Amateur Hour (she lost), listen to the legendary E-flat from a 1951 Mexico City Aida triumphal scene, sample her collaborations with conductors Herbert von Karajan and Leonard Bernstein, and weep at a 1958 London production of La Traviata, during which the soprano achieves what sounds very much like an out-of-body experience.
One atheist who had an out-of-body experience said that he later realized that this presence was responsible for the governance of the universe.
He admits watching footage of himself in last weekend's match against Hamilton was like having an out-of-body experience - because a series of blows to the head wiped his memory clean.
She is an ordinary woman brought up in a working-class family on the Isle of Sheppey, and had her first out-of-body experience at the age of 12.
It was an out-of-body experience, and they treasured every moment of it.
Some examples include Hornell Hart's out-of-body experience research, Ian Stevenson's reincarnation and ESP work, Louisa E.
Sutherland claims he had an out-of-body experience at that moment.
The last in this current series shows the mind manipulator (above) travel to Queens in New York to see if he can tell when a group of second-hand car salesmen are lying, and help a woman witness her own death via in a staged out-of-body experience.