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migration from a place (especially migration from your native country in order to settle in another)

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The out-migration percentages for young adults, however, were greater in farm dependent communities with fewer amenities and recreational opportunities.
The complex relationship between out-migration and local development at the areas of origin is still scarce (Kothari 2003; Rodenburg 1993).
1) Long-established out-migration trends, (2) for example, have resulted in an under-representation of young people in rural areas.
Four states--Maine, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Wyoming--switched from net out-migration to net in-migration during the four-year period.
of the migration trends identified in the 1991 Census (2) found that high levels of both in-and out-migration were associated with healthy, upper-income areas located near metropolitan edges: effectively, migrants were 'boundary-hopping' to and from more salubrious areas of cities.
The census data tell us that for the first time in our history, California is watching a net out-migration of citizens.
Sharpe's clever assessment of Colyton's sex ratio provides a useful reminder that out-migration was a significant factor in early modern England; nearly one million people--mostly male and mostly youths--slipped outside the 'observation universe' of demographic and economic analysis.
Mr Dafis argues that, if current patterns of out-migration continue, Wales will struggle to function effectively as a democracy.
One proposed change is to include "recognition that a greenfield housing site in the general location of south of Middlesbrough is likely to be required in the short to medium term to help reduce out-migration and to retain and attract economically active age groups".
Despite the challenge to their core business they have mostly escaped the spiral of job loss and out-migration that has so often plagued Britain's older industrial areas.
State and local government officials, as well as Ohio's media, have focused considerable time and energy on out-migration from the state and possible explanations for it.
A governmental science advisory board has recommended that all 27 farms in the archipelago temporarily shut down during the pink salmon's out-migration season, but the province has only required 11 farms to lie fallow, in line with the B.
Mr Young said that suggestions to build new roads feeding into the conurbation would not solve traffic congestion but would fuel an out-migration of people and business further into the countryside, perpetuating the problem.
The impact of enlargement on East-West migration in Europe, in the case where there are no restrictions to migration, is estimated to lead to a net out-migration rate, over a period of 15 years, of 2.
The study dealt with the question of the positive and negative effects of the husband's out-migration on their wives role and status beside the family's conditions.