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the act of ejecting someone or forcing them out

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Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates provided Egypt with over $20bn in economic aid following the ousting of Morsi.
When there has been an ousting by players, where has it worked?
Morsi has been kept by the Egyptian army at an undisclosed location since his removal on July 3, and the family has had no chance to contact him since his ousting.
The millions of people who poured into the streets to say they were not pleased with current government do not justify ousting the country's first democratically elected president.
The city of Blbek will remain a safe haven for the resistance," said a statement issued by the council following the ousting.
But Erdogan and his cabinet members made triumphant speeches after a court jailed retired Gen Cevik Bir along with several other former military officers over their role in ousting late PM Necmettin Erbakan.
On Wednesday, a military court found him guilty of the torturing army officers accused of plotting his ousting in a coup in 1991.
Lopez signalled his intent in Belgrade when ousting useful Juan Monaco in straight sets in his opening match and he has hardly looked back since.
She said ousting of PPP ministers from the Punjab cabinet was a wrong step which was not in interest of the democracy.
ISLAMABAD, July 15, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Parliamentary party of PML-N Punjab Chapter has expressed its strong opposition to recent directives of PML-N head, Mian Nawaz Sharif regarding ousting of Sanaullah Mastikhel from Party ranks.
The MeK was formed in 1965 with the aim of ousting the regime of the Iranian shah.
Hamas seized power in Gaza in June 2007, ousting forces loyal to the moderate Palestinian president after a week of deadly street battles.
The biggest changes occurred in the Acton-Agua Dulce Unified and Westside Union school districts, with voters ousting all the incumbents and replacing them with newcomers in Tuesday's polling.
And I think the stories about one ousting the other, they were wrong when it was said that Milburn was ousting Brown, and they are wrong now if they are saying that Brown is ousting Milburn.
IF the people of Iraq had put in half as much effort ousting Saddam Hussein as they are putting in to oust the Americans and Coalition troops there would've been no need to go to war.