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Within these pages we meet everything: in the bird family, robin, meadow pipit, dippers, woodpecker holes, Canada geese and ducks, ravens, merlins, wren, magpie, jay, chaffinch, whitethroat and ring ousel.
The Countryside Council for Wales fears the illegal use of off-road vehicles could be causing serious damage on the Berwyn mountains, a site of special scientific interest (SSSI), the home of the rare black grouse and other upland birds such as red grouse,golden plover and ring ousel.
Similarly I can recall seeing blackcock, grouse, ring ousel and merlin on Exmoor until the mid sixties.
See, Piazzi Smyth, A Few Words on the Late Venus Transit and the SunDistance: Written at Request for "The Ousel," the Journal of the Bedford Grammar School, and Here Revised (London, 1883): 14-15.
maundering child cant hear the ousel ou la mavis sweet who sing the matitudinal (3)